Some geological point of view

Hamid Sadeghipour


I have a small business in Kerman, Iran. And I travel, sometimes, there. One day I had nothing to do for after noon and with a friend we went to Sirtch, near Kerman. On the way I was explaining for my friend and driver that the river beside the road could, sometimes, be flooded. For this reason the mountains are taking some slope toward the other side as they go inside the mud. We see always the earthquake just where mountains end and the plain begins. Sometimes, it is possible to connect two plates under the sediments.

Another point to mention is, when you have a barrier before some plain, you might have a circular crater just before it. It is a quantum mechanics rule that might be applied to macro situations. When you construct beside a road a row of constructions, you might have accidentally create a hole.

You might see in some desert region an eroded magma layer of very ancient divergences. They cover the desert and are in some manner a heat shield for the soil. When you are opening this layer for mining or any other purpose, you let them to exchange heat with their environment. As heat goes up somewhere, it goes down elsewhere. It becomes cooler and may be changing a micro climate. Changing the plain curvature and more rain.