The Chilean earthquake of 8.3 Richter and deep Pacific Ocean regions

Hamid Sadeghipour


 Natural disasters roots in natural events. Sun, earth, and the moon are main factors. When you see the dates of strong earthquakes in Chile, one near the same place of earthquake of the  16 September 2015 is the 24 November 1604. The difference is 410 years 10 months and 22 days. All is 150080 days for 365.256 days per year. Let me take sidereal periods of the planets divided by 100, for ease of calculator digits, like Mercury= 0.87969, Venus=2.247, and Mars= 6.86986 days/100. Let me multiply them to each other and dividing by 2.7182 as natural number e. the result is 4.99573247. Let us take it as 5.01604 for the influence of other planets that are much further. The distance of the sun to the earth is 149.6 million km and then, we divide 150080 to 149.6 just for ease of calculation. It becomes= 1003.209856. Dividing it by 5.01604 we arrive to 200. I would like to say all the planets in some manner could interfere in natural disasters. By examination of Pacific Ocean bed near Chile, local Nazca plate. We can see some displacement of divergence in the nearby on between challenger fracture zone and Juan Fernandez ridge (Easter fracture zone in the same direction), on the western part of Nazca plate on the divergences. Why we have such a collapse? In the continuation of these fractures to the west, we have deepest parts of the ocean. We know a rift is formed when magma comes up under it and consume the soil and dissipate the heat, like Hawaii that magma moved to create these Islands. The problem is not only to know the situation, but to find a solution to regular earthquakes of Chile. Is it to ease the movement of two tectonics continents when there is a subduction? The divergences push the Nazca plate toward the Chile. Therefore can we stop or slow this movement by constructions and installations in these few Islands near the collapsed divergences. If there are some earthquakes, we will have earthquakes
in the ocean. Installing seismometers to alert tsunami could be a solution. It is the same for California. The subduction create fire in the woods or a warm weather over the subduction zone on the coast. Could we stop it by construction in the islands near the cost of California? We can dig very deep wells where there were fire and as well in the coast. It is the decision of American government to decide on his territory. Colder winter and more rain? I mention it, because they might criticize me over the subject?