The seismology and Human beings

Hamid Sadeghipour

Every phenomena has several aspects and causes. like a human being. To define a man, we have many factors like sex, race, age, and so on. We have different methods of recognizing an aspect. But many things are known as well for a researsher at first contact. The contemporary seismology does not face only trechnical problems but some human as well. Please, look to the bed of the oceans of Indian and pacific. We see a divergence along the bed like a city and streets, long and sometime narrow streets. It begins from North of Oregon coast to Yemen and Arab sea. Human aspect in this phenomena is the revenge of humans against others. Saudi Arabia bombards Yemen regularly, where the head of snake is under. This divergence of the Oceans bed is like a snake. It might have an organism, of course not like human being, but his own. The ISIS militant agress Yaqzidi women and like Armania an Turkey, it lasts decades and political turmoils. These are governments who decides upon the case and some citizens are supporter, but majority is suffering. The japaneese are mourning the tsunamy, but some of them have no regrets for the second world war. We must accept our destiny or to agree ourselves on a correct way of living with some tolerence toward others and let others live freely and respectfully. The recent earthquakes of north or south of Tehran or even in Nevada state are related to movement of the tectonics plates. first the north of Tehran earthquake occured, and the south one. The first one is slide of big mountain, already having a slight slide some million years ago!! the second one is consequence of the first and movement forced the second one. We should develop tourism in the desert in south of Tehran and make some instalations like hotels and similar instalation to encourage people to invest in these areas. This is true for north of Tehran, to ease the tourism investment.