Himalayan and Middle- East region similitude

Hamid Sadeghipour                                                                08.07.2015 I don’t say what I say now is right, but I draw attention of others to this point of view to develop it if necessary. When I studied the case of recent 6.1 Richter earthquake on the south- east of the end of the Gobi Desert, on the foot of Himalaya on the north side of it, I found the following point: as it is said the Indian subcontinent moved along with the Arabian Peninsula toward east. Some part went under Himalaya and some part under northern Iran. As the movement intensified, the land on the northern part made slides. For example the Zagros chain came from southern part of the Caspian Sea, to some mountains from North- east of Bishkek to the present place of it and this slide continued to east of present Mongolia. Uzbekistan is a plain which mountains moved to the south. We have the same thing as Himalaya in Iran. Therefore a more cooperation between the government of that region like Kyrgyzstan to India, Pakistan, Tibet, Bangladesh, China, and Afghanistan, in one side and Iranian, United Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey in other side is necessary. The similitude might decrease the cost of the research for all of these countries.