The Tectonics and the fire

Hamid Sadeghipour


As for the earthquake we have several causes, we see the same for the fire. One cause is the hot weather conditions, another: some mines under the place where all is burning, like coke, or what is the subject of present article: the tectonics conditions. The fire near the city of Anchorage, Alaska could be a good example. If you look to the Pacific Ocean, in the west coast of USA, in the north of the Californian Golf in Mexico, you can see the California state has an advancement in the Ocean. In the Washington and Oregon states the land has not the same advance. The Pacific plate has gone under the North America in Washington and Oregon State and the land had some sliding into the Ocean. The whole North America is pushing over the Pacific Ocean, but the landslide does not allow the movement of that part. The south is warmer and you have the Golf of California as the land push toward the Ocean, and the north creeps and we have volcanoes, and pivoting part of Alaska around points near Anchorage. That is why Pacific plate goes faster under Arctic and create Aleutian arc moving faster in western part of the arc. California State, as well, moves easier and in the south, movement is even easier like Texas, and it is cool as there is less frictions!! I believe the undersea landslides near west of the Aleutian arc after Japan Tsunami should receive more attention and even some undersea   civil works to release the blockings more.