Katmandu Earthquake of April 2015

Hamid Sadeghipour


I look to the epicenter of the 7.8 Richter Nepal Earthquake and see a big broken rock. The right part of the broken rock is in the south east of the first part. It means we have a slope from higher part in this mountain to a lower part. In the swarm of earthquakes in the south east of Katmandu, it is the same. I mentioned, in several articles, we have to take care of the landslides. The subcontinent of India goes under Himalaya. The Himalaya goes up and what is over take distance with the vicinity. Sometimes a dome is created. The water goes down and makes gases to load up the land like a dome. What you can see the snow near epi- center of 7.8 Richter earthquake. You can see the fissure on the big stones over there.   In some of my articles I mentioned that the presence of the planets together with moon and the sun might be dangerous and you should take care of the slope of your local heights. Of course it might happen only some in several years, but it might happen. Many companies says they construct dams, cities, and many other projects but nobody wants to take care of what is built. Before Katmandu earthquakes we had several activities, for example along the Mokran region and what is perpendicular to it to the north of Iran. Even near Yemen in the sea. Please, regularly check your height for the change of the slope, even very little. Add them up in a long term survey.