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Hamid Sadeghipour                                                   28.11.2014 I have to explain more about my last article. The constellation Scorpius can be seen well in South Hemisphere.  The moon behave as lunar moon calendar and according to solar calendar is, sometimes, one, two or three days ahead. If you see the moon over Scorpius constellation in 18- 19 December 2014, next time is 14 to 15 January 2015. Sometimes, Moon can be 2 to 3 days on the Scorpius constellation. After writing my last article, an astronomy shop told me he has a CD over Quantum Astrology. The subject was over conjunction and opposition of far planets with the Sun with or without the earth.  For example, the conjunction of Pluto, Earth, Uranus and the historical events like attack of Gotts to Rom in one of these conjunctions. Of course, the writer explains it took place over one year as the Pluto needs nearly 247 years to turn around the sun, and it takes 251 days to pass over one degree in the sky, and its influence is very slow. We discussed over near planets like Mercury, Venus or Mars and their more and less immediate influence in the previous articles. Of course, as they are, sometimes, several days together in the sky, they might have a longer period of influence. Last Wednesday we had Molucca Sea earthquake. When the planets like Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are in the sky in Northern Hemisphere, you have 6.2 Richter earthquake. Of course, the distance of the planets to the earth is influential on the effects. The Astrology tries to find out about the influence of the stars. But the best is to study cosmic rays. No stars can reach the earth without its emissions. The cosmic rays have an inverse relation with solar activities. As solar activities increase they avoid the cosmic rays to reach the earth. The solar activities have a clear effect on the skin and cosmic rays on the brain as some of the cosmic rays could be very strong. But, to reach to an individual it has a very very  low probability. Therefore, the scientific Astrology should study gravity fields and cosmic rays. I mention you some information about the planets: Name of the planet          number of days                                present                                       Or years to make around            place of the                                               The sun                                      planet —————————————————————————– Mercury                      87.969 days                          North of Scorpius                                                                                    In Libra Venus                      224.701 days                          Scorpius Mars                        1 year 321 days                      Sagittarius Jupiter                    11 years 314 days                  Leo Saturn                      29 years 167 days                  Libra Uranus                      84 years 7.4 days                  Pisces  Neptune                  164 years280 days                Capricornus Pluto                        247 years 249 days                in the north of the                                                                                   end  of Scorpius  It is to mention that most of the planets are in the same plane, but Pluto has some angle with the mentioned plane.


Hamid Sadeghipour                    24.10.2014 Recently, Iranian Journal of Astronomy explains about people who writes about astrology. The writer says some of them are not at all scientific, but pretends to be. Recently I had the chance to see a movie showing the story of some American people ending in the year 1927. Some treacherous with no ethics rules for their life. Later, the beginning of the big economics’ crisis in 1929 and 10 years later, the second world war. We do not have only to try a better economics plans but enforcing ethics by media. Showing people what could happen if we do not plan correctly. I would like to contribute too, to astrology scientifically. Today and tomorrow the moon is in the Scorpius constellation. That most astrologers believe ominous. If we look to constellation of Scorpius, we find out stars like M6, M7 and M4. M4 is about 7000 light years distance and a globular cluster of stars. M6 or the butterfly cluster with 2000 light years distance. In the sky it is occupying like a full moon. M7 with 800 light years distance. Scorpius is situated in the Milky Way. When you connect these stars, they form a triangle. The movement of the moon in this triangle vibrate it. When you vibrate a plane, it takes the shape of our geological land with peaks and valleys. This vibration could affect the brain like the full moon, or vibrate the earth and increase tiding effect of the moon on the earth. The earthquakes of today are almost greater than 4 or around 4 Richter but not stronger than 5. The astrologists suggest to avoid some important action or decision today and tomorrow. It is by historical events they say such things. If you need to do something important, see how you are. If the full moon can affect you, stay vigilant toward yourself or children. You can study other cases with care. Understand your universe.


Aug 20, 2014

Hamid Sadeghipour                                              Date: 20.08.2014 Knowing the causes of a phenomena help us to conclude with a better precision. I referred in my last article to moving Indian Subcontinent over the place where Indochina peninsula is now. But, there is a theory saying a big stone struck the earth in Mexico 65 million years ago and forced the dinosaurs to disappear. In the opposite side of the earth it caused the eruption of magma in a very large scale near the east of  the African continent.  As a result the volcanoes in some part of India caused eruption of a lot of gas and particles. And this boiling source moved a part of India toward the North. But the other part could be separated from Austrlia going between the land of volcanoes and Asia. Therefore, we have a pressure from Pacific Ocean in a direction and time to time another from this source. For example we have an alert from Iceland for a possible eruption. If we look to mormory and the region around it where several earthquakes and afterschoke occured, we see the presence of the igneous rocks belonging to precambrian times. But, the regions more in the North like Khoramabad belongs to more ancient times. We can conclude that these points had greater slopes causing the older rocks to brake, disinteger and erode. Mormory is more near the levels of land near hotter subsurfaces. Besides, there is the petroleum around Mormory area. If we increase the production of oil in these regions we could have the reduction of pressure. It is an expert case. Of course, other solutions like Hydrogeo- thermal power plants could be realized if there is some hot water sources and etc. Though, the hail in South America is the sign of the cold danger. It is better to construct stronger houses to be safer against low magnitude earthquakes and less cooling actions on the soil.                   



Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent China earthquake of 6.1 Richter is not surprising. Recently, we had some earthquakes in Pacific and Indian Oceans. Even in the persian Golf near Kish Island and near gas and petroleun reservoirs, showing a pressure from the south. I  mentioned in one of my articles, when a big stone struck the earth, the bed of the ocean went down and came up and did a dome on the pacific ocean. It is clear that some other parts of the earth had some oscillation as well. In the middle of the pacific ocean the eruptions opened the dome and did the dome in two parts. Due to the eruptions the eastern part came down and went under the Alaska. Why we have some earthquakes because of  the weight of this lower mountain in the pacific ocean. These movements are the results of summer heat as well. China earthquake is due to pressure of India subcontinent and as you see on the natural map where the recent earthquake occured, you can see the end of a big mountainous region and some part at this point on  slow sliding. In one of my articles I mentioned they have to control trains schedule and making some construction and installation to avoid the slide. As we had slide in Nepal and India due tro heavy rains. Of course, we had too, some presence of some planets all in the sky near afternoons tehran local time, that might uplift the mountains a little bit. Something I mention now is unusuall, but I hope it is correct. Anyhow, to be proved. I have a formula under the shape of:      (x1)to power of 2+m(x1x2)+(x2) to power of 2=constant      In my last articles I mentionned Schrodinger formula, but in reality, the solution I mentionned was my formula by replacing x by Laplacien of U, delta U1 and delta U2, for more explanation, maybe necessary. Please look to the mountain above the India. You have Himalaya chain and Tibet plateau. Suppose, please,  the Indian subcontinent  moved to present situation first by moving to the place IndoChina  is now, but perpendicular to it. It pushed the Himalaya and the Tibet in circular manner and these lands had a rotation of more than 120 degrees. A swirling action due to another strike of a big stone that the btrace is covered by mountains.

Or a big slow eruption the traces are covered. or the volcanoes around the region and besides, gas reservoirs burning for 1000 s of years. let me retrurn to my formula. You can take x1= a+bi and x2=a-bi two complex and conjugate numbers. What happens? after replacing them and simplifications you find:    m[(a)to power of two+ (b) to power of two]= b to power of two- a to power of 2. In  my other articles I supposed m as a mass of the matter. Now let me to take m as spin or rotation of zero to 360 degree. let us have the tibetan part as 13 and himalayan part as 16.  We take b=8 and a=5 as a relation between the two surface measure. Please replace the numbers in the late formula. m= 39/ 89=0.438                  0.438×360= 157 degree. You can have a better precision by measuring exactly the two surfaces.


Hamid Sadeghipour      06.06.2014                                                        The weather organizations around the world predict the weather or other disasters, but how the individuals could have some idea from the sky above their heads. I explain you how to see some dangers. If you have access to books of sky and stars of the year you live, like “ Was tut sich am Himmel 2014” in German or the journal of : “Ciel et espace”  in French or “Night sky” or a lot of English journals, you can see the position of each planets in the sky. The stars have less influence in our life and even too far planets. The most important planets could be Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon and the sun. Sometimes they are all together in the sky and it could be dangerous for the reason I explained you in my last article. In t5he Journals or the book they tell you in which constellation you find the planet or the moon. In the sky you have some stars always together around some point, like constellation Fish. For example for Venus you have the position of today in the site: And at the end of the page you find the other planets to see the position. You can have also the sky cards with something turning and find you the position of the constellations for the moment and date you are. They name ir sometimes “stars search” or similar words. A very good book is “A skywatcher’s year” by Jeff Kanipe. The constellations we have to see almost are around Ecliptic circle. Refer, please, for more explanation to internet.  They are 12 constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Balance, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius, and Pisces.  Each constellation occupies 30 degree of the sky.  You have a circle around the earth of 360 degree, but if you are in a flat area to see horizon all around you can see 180 degree of the sky. Therefore, if all these planets, Moon and sun could be in 6 constellations side by side for your region, they could create a danger. Take, please, for example from Gemini to Scorpius in your region. Even  missing Mars in this set might be also dangerous, if for example in opposition with some others, in other side of planet earth. Another point is the comments the site “spaceweather” leaves you in his site every day. For example one week before it mentioned there is an activity of sun in North- East of the sun reaching and facing the earth later. Or, it mentioned two days ago there is a line that shows future activity of the sun. Take care for these signs as it could show a surge in the heat and fire in the bushes and so on.

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I look to Grafenberg seismogram and it is active since longtime. It seems to me it is similar to Peking seismogram some years ago and the Chinese strong earthquake. It might be somewhere else in Europe that a strong earthquake happens, but for Euro, it would be a disaster. According to geological and tectonically studies, Africa pushes Eurasia plate. One direction, from France, and another between Greece and Italy, African plate goes under Europe. Therefore, you see the ancient Alps come to the surface and break the sediments of million years. These sediments in the north of Alps brake down in several pieces and the northern corner reaches Hanover and further Hamburg. Grafenberg is covered by a piece of thick and broken sediment. Under it, is African plate pushing to north east.

I was looking to Idyllwild in the east of Los Angeles. Fire in the forest, but there is another point as well:  What I see, besides fire usually in California, is the sea side on Pacific Ocean. If you see the satellite map you can see the ocean base. The ocean plate goes under the American plate, and the land takes the form of the ocean plate land. Sometimes some harsh part creates some fire and sometimes the soil sinking and earthquake? The problem is that sometime a height is going under and later a valley. You need new technics to detect what would be the basements in future? To guess the shape of the subductions.

Hamid     Sadeghipour                                25.05.2014                                                                                                The recent earthquake of Greece- Turkey in the morning shows the planets and moon are near each other from 7 o’clock AM in the morning to 8 o’clock PM in the sky and they remain more compact to 12.05.2014. It is in the sky of Iran and everyone elsewhere should refer to his journal of astronomy, online or in paper. As they are in the day,  o’clock there are evaporation of the sea water and flood risks as well as landslides.  For the earthquakes, it has tiding effects on the land and magma. I mentioned it to friend last month but only spaceweather site mentioned an approach of two planets. It is good people says publicly these things for local authority to take care. It is not finished and for the future will continue. There should be more awareness in this regards and news pay more attention.


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One French site (I know French) said recently the Scandinavian countries is warmer than usual and France is experiencing colder spring. Last month was a busy mont6hy for volcanoes around the world. But let me refer, again, to meteor of 15.02.2013 into Urals, Russia. What happened to the earth?  At that time the earth axe is displaced toward Europe, very, very, small displacement, but anyhow was displaced. The North Pole is displaced toward Europe. The Atlantic Ocean is larger toward the south, and larger part is exposed to the sun and more evaporation. The main problem is the summer when the forests are exposed to more heat in Europe and Russia. They take the cautions and nobody makes fire for picnics in these forests. For Canada and USA they are farther to North Pole, but larger Ocean water is exposed to heat. Oklahoma is in the middle and from both side,   Atlantic and Pacific oceans they have more clouds. It is good that Airlines meet in a conference and arrange a new Schedule. Even European and Countries having a good network of trains should arrange new schedule. It is in the interest of everyone.

Apr 17, 2014

Hamid Sadeghipour                                                  17.04.2014                                                  I was studying Solomon Islands earthquakes that the news of a sinking of a South Korean ship surfaced. As I wrote it is the expansion time of southern hemisphere and it pushes toward north.  This in turn makes uplifting of the opposite sides. Last year, we had the sinking, because of hurting basin, of an Italian and small Iranian ship. It is good to install some sensors at the lowest points of a ship to measure the distance with the objects of the same level if any. Or a boat going ahead and measuring the depth with measuring devices till all necessary sensors installed. Anyhow it is your own knowledge that saves you.           


Hamid Sadeghipour


I tried to read something on p and s wave velocities. I had an article on tectonics physics of western Urals. The recent fall of the meteorite in Eastern Urals has some consequences on the future tectonics activities. Of course, the effect is not huge but has some influence, anyhow. The northern part has gone down and southern part has gone up. Why we had a Caspian Sea offshore earthquake. For western part, it is pushing under European part. Then, we have north mid Atlantic ridge and Iceland earthquakes. Tough, the Iceland activities are an effect of south hemisphere and mid Atlantic ridge as well. Is influencing even the Crete and recent earthquakes of northern Africa?  The summer will arrive to North hemisphere and recent events will emphasize subductions in some points.  The land goes up and the mountain tries to slide down. We have to construct roads, buildings, and other things on the foothills to reduce the effects oh earthquakes. I studied earth magnetic anomalies as well and it is possible that all earthquakes happen in subduction zones, magnetic anomalies regions, or little mountain slides for most of them. It is clear most of  the anomalies lie under some recent layers. Anomalies are volcanic activities of the past.

Apr 3, 2014

Hamid Sadeghipour                            03.04.2014 When I was a child I was reading fairy tales. I read almost all the books over this subject at my access. Like: “following the sun”, fairy tales of the nations. You see, sometimes, super natural powers much stronger the human beings, like monsters. The nature is much stronger than us and the whole humanity plays the role of the monster for individuals, sometimes. Look to the sky over the point in American continent. One side is Mars, Jupiter and Saturn over their head and the other side is Venus, Mercury and The sun. While the southern hemisphere is in his most expansion, and northern hemisphere in contraction, you have one side on west of America less pressure than the other side, Indian Ocean. The American continent north and South should push toward the west, but it lacks the necessary force and something fall like ocean basin.  Another fact is the South American Alps are continuation of eastern mountain of North America. And it goes to Ny-Alesund, Spitzbergen, Norway with seismograph of IU/KBS station on “Live seismic heliplots” as the station shows a relation to South American mountains. Another point is the volcanism of Central America. In one picture on the north of Los Angeles in Palmdale you see some crashed layers, might be interpreted as a fault or thrust fault. In my belief it is the result of a sudden push. Some volcanoes erupt and a shift of mountains. Even all the western mountains are a land slide and make pressure to ocean basin beside them. And a less pressure from this side might cause a land slide in the ocean. Please, take care that it is my idea and you should examine it and use it. Italian and geek people have some installation under the sea. Everywhere, there is a danger of land slide in the ocean or sea, please install a Leika measuring device and a floating solar battery anchored to ocean basin, and telemetry and regular visit to the station.  Please, you have ministry of defense certainly and you can be responsible  for what you do.

Mar 26, 2014

Hamid Sadeghipour                                26.03.2014                                                                                  Mathematics was the science of right or wrong, but nowadays is the state of being. I told you in my last article I won’t write as I might commit some mistakes. I try to write in future only educationally. I won’t take any responsibility for what I write and won’t write what could be a disaster due to my writings. I am perfectly aware of my present judgment, but we have all take care of what we write. This is the case of landslide in North West of USA. They say the precursor of this landslide was the earthquakes behind the landslide position. It is spring now, and we might have other landslides elsewhere. One of the reasons for the landslide is the weight of some soil where the gravity vecto0r goes out of the base of the soil under slide. Sometimes, it is just the mud. Sometimes, it is the cleavage of the rock. Like a small rock you have a cleavage that under some weight is broken. It is crystallography. In my other articles I mentioned you have to measure the distance of some points or three points, from a fix point outside of the hill, always. Laika is a trademark for distance measuring, if I write it correctly. Where ever you live take care for landslide, with or without earthquake precursors.

Jan 28, 2014

Hamid Sadeghipour         


Last month I found some earthquakes are following the shape of arrangement of some near sun planets like a 40 degree angle, topographically, or the sequence of some earthquakes. But, the earthquakes were around 3.8 Richter.  We had on the same day the solar activity of the same shape. These days we have the Indonesian earthquake on Java like the shape of the aligned arrangement of planets. Even on some Iranian earthquakes you can see a straight line mountain and occurrence of the earthquake on his foot. Tomorrow and after tomorrow we will have the planets almost together around 11 o’clock, local time,  in the morning.

 If you read local news from countries, you see floods or draught, cold or warm regions. I think about 2019, when the minimum activity of the sun would be 15th of medium activities of the sun. at that time maybe some days will be cold in many parts of the world that even gas pipes will not work. Another solution to these difficulties could be to send some cyclotron to the moon. Usually they are close loops and horizontal. We can construct them vertical like a tire standing on the soil, and opening a gate, every some precise time to shoot to the sun.  You can send a loader,  a crusher and a mill to the moon to load the moon soil to the cyclotron. With programming we can shoot to the point opposite and facing to for example, New York, Moscow, Paris, or Tehran. The problem is the later might be the flood. We have to create tunnels for transport of merchandises with simple control to be used for water transport or pumping stations with pipes for same purpose. The man is on a critical point and to survive we need each other.


Hamid Sadeghipour


Recently, USGS had an article on “Man Made Earthquakes Update” expressing: The number of earthquakes has increased dramatically over the past few years within the central and eastern United States. I would not like to deny these facts, but to remind some others to be taken into consideration. New Madrid earthquakes, 200 years ago, were not man made. The Scientifics say sun activity comes from the center of the sun. This energy takes some millions of years to reach the surface of the sun. It is the same for the earth. The energy takes some time to reach the surface of the earth and this energy should be released. The water usually sent down or injected in the wells not only lubricate the faults, but, evaporate and increase the volume and it change the slop of the land to move in some direction. Let me to mention some geological fact about Iran. As the Arabian and India       plate moved and made pressure on the Alborz Chain Mountain, we had volcanoes eruption. I do not mention the strike of some stones or meteorites as well that could emphasize the events. Due to these facts some parts of the Alborz Chain Mountain was sliding and one part arrived to Kazerun in Fars province and anther to west o0f Hormozgan province. Such a strong movement was, just, the result of up lifting of the mountain. We have always these changes of slope and could be nature made. For fracturing we have to add chemicals and additives to increase the boiling point of water and reducing volume. Anyhow we have to work on the slop change of the land and reducing the risks.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Some years ago I was working in the business. I paid a visit to Tehran Cement Company. They have a conveyor belt from crusher in their mine to the factory. Sorry to mention some private information, but it might be useful for many countries. For example New Zealand seismological institute mentions under some of seismograms that some small seisms are due to strong wind or mine works. The crusher is and mine are above a fault that goes to the factory. Of course the mountain just beside factory is the result of a sliding action from the mountain in other side of the highway. It moves as well, but I would like to say it might be related to 40 km north of Semnan earthquake as well. It is good to connect this fault by some structure on the top down to the mine and crusher. You see, today, two earthquakes in Italy and Albany both on a line parallel to equator!!??. Or, today, there is an earthquake of 6 Richter in New Zealand. It is important to see besides the faults under permanent tension, maybe a little far from the epicenter.


Hamid Sadeghipour


A lot of things happen recently. As the summer begins in the Earth South Hemisphere and the expansion of this part pushes toward the northern one, you see the northern part of the Australian continent; in the ocean and some part of the north hemisphere above equator have clear sky. The tectonics suduction create the heat and does not allow the cloud formation. It is the same for California and some part of the France. As for example New York is col, the spring might be warm and drought. Or as California is warm without r4ain, they might expect the flood. The necessary precautions are a must. In Iran, Bastak earthquake in the Hormozgan province as well is due to subduction of Australian- Indian- Arabian tectonics continent. Of course, the volcanic activity of the mantle has some effect as well. The subduction causes some change in the angle of overlaying mountains and other causes I mentioned in my recent article about Bam. I think we have all in the world try to avoid conflicts and harmonize our efforts, for a long term constructions, to avoid natural disasters, because some of them have common roots.