The articles of 2015 till April 2015

Hamid Sadeghipour


In 15.02.2013 a meteor stroke the earth into Urals, Russia. The earth as a puzzle was differently influenced in his regions. For example the region to the north east of Iran became rainier. What I suppose and it is a supposition, is that recent Asia Air and Germanwings pilots stroke the ocean or land to imitate the meteor to change climate, in a smaller scale, of some regions. But the problem can turn to dangerous and damage extensively. Therefore leave the task to international organizations. If something is necessary they can fire a rocket without killing people o damaging materials. If it is not plausible, why to do that?

Sometimes, the earthquakes can cause extensive human and material damages. This is the reason I continue my last article on Einstein curvature formula. It consists of a G, g, and a tensor T with some coefficient. The G is the gravitation, g is the coefficient that specify a space. Suppose you have a plastic net and you drag from several points.   Then, your regular net changes to a distorted shape. This is g comes to the effect. The third term is T, a tensor. Suppose you have a crossword table. You can place a number inside each square and you have a matrix.  If the number has an orientation like the speed of something toward somewhere, for example, a car going to the north. Place several tables over each other and your matrix is now a tensor with 3 dimensions.  You might imagine more dimensions. I tell you another example. Suppose, you have an office with 9 employees. Each employee has some characteristics like the name, age, task, address, etc. You have a table.  Suppose several offices, therefore, you can place tables over each other and you receive a 3 dimensions block. What happens if we try to relate a person to another person. In the first table we number the first person as a11 and the second as a12 and so on. The second office is number a21, a22, to a29. We have to create a table with horizontals and verticals a11, a12, …a19 a21 a22, …a29, and so on. We can say a13 has a relation with a67 and we place a 1 in the square of cross word.a13a67= 1.

Suppose you did this table for one city, and you do it for other cities. You have many dimensions. In the matter, you tensor should have too many with an astronomical number to have a mass and gravitation. Next time I explain more If I can.


Hamid Sadeghipour                   14.14.2015 The physicists know Einstein tried to unify the fields. Maxwell succeeded to relate electric field to magnetic field. And many were to believe in such unity forms. The mass is formed by particles, all having a movement and a direction. Besides, the mass is convertible to energy and is not constant and could be presented as a tensor. But, Einstein did not mention the mass in his formula and takes other considerations. In his tensor in the “Gravity Equation” you can see a density term referring to mass. We know like the earth, we have a gradient on density and in the core we have denser mater and less on the surface. Two sides in the higher line of tensor as well as the left side of the tensor are momentum and what remain as another matrix or tensor is the results of the wave function like Schroedinger wave function. The pressure and the stresses. Many mathematicians say the solution to Einstein Gravity Equation is difficult. I know the solution to my  formula I mentioned earlier to replace x with Laplacien in the down mentioned formula: x1 to power of 2 + 2m x1x2 + x2 to power of 2= constant (delta U1) to power of 2+ 2m delta U1 delta (U2) + delta U2 to power of 2= cte is: e to power of (-txyzi) + e to power of (txyzi) I suppose it is a surface of revolution around some axe. Therefore, I would like to say what we see in the universe is the solution to Einstein Gravity Equation or something more complicated.  The Earth, the Sun, a Galaxy or a cluster are all a curve turned around an axe, or a solid around something that depends on the conditions. If I find more I tell you. When you see the sky you see the love, the universe showing you everything, the most difficult.