The first half 2012

Hamid Sadeghipour


During the day, in the last days, we had the moon in the sky. The tiding effect can lift up the big rocks and raining season make these big rocks sliding. The recent near Darab and near Ghaemshahr earthquakes are the results of the sliding. The Ghaemshahr earthquake is a big rock sliding toward the sea. The Darab rock is much bigger sliding toward the south. It is good to construct some columns deep maybe 5 meters under the ground and 5 meters height and 20 meters length with some 2 meters wide. It is a supporting wall of  2x10x10. You can construct some of walls to avoid sliding. 2 or three walls can be good to see later the fractures and their shape to construct more walls if necessary. Inside the walls you can add piezoelectric sensors and rubber layers. It is valuable for everywhere.


Hamid Sadeghipour


In the chaotic aftermath of the Friday evening accident near the island of Giglio off the coast of Tuscany, Costa Concordia cruise ship wrecked. Costa Concordia cruise ship wrecked in Italy shows a hidden point. Giglio is among islands that one day could be arc volcanoes. I do not enter in the discussion of geological background, but I suppose it could be! If true, the warm weather of this summer ends in upcoming magma that makes bed of the sea comes up and the ship wrecks. Next year we have the same, and the sun activities might remain strong. Therefore, Italy should take care for this matter. Another important point is the cold for low sun activities during 2015-2019. It is very important you place your rubbers and piezoelectric sensors near the poles when suitable. The stresses could become very important.


Hamid Sadeghipour


Most volcanoes in the mountainous region make apart the upper layer and push the separated parts to east and west, or any opposite sides under any angle. The last day earthquake of Firuzkuh with 3.2 Richter shows the separated parts of mountainous layer of Alborz Chain over Damavand Mountain in the east move and is broken and causes the earthquake. The earthquake is where the broken mountains overlap near the earthquake epicenter. Of course, the place of overlap is covered by sediments, but it has to be removed and then, to construct supporting walls as soon as possible. Or at least adding some armored concrete at some points of the overlap place. You can use this techniques, even, under the water.

Hamid Sadeghipour


For the earthquake near Davoodabad in Markazi Province we have to fix some points as my last article for Firuzkuh, if experts agree. Please, draw a line from Dastjerdeh parallel to north-eastern side of Mighan Kavir plain. Then, draw a line perpendicular from the epicenter of last earthquake near Davoodabad to this line. The intersection is where we see the mountain end. Please, pour your armored concrete, with all the accessories you can, around.

Hamid Sadeghipour


I suppose nobody reads my articles. In 1970 to 1980 you could find Russian books in Europe and Iranian libraries. One of the books is written in French: Les mécanismes dans la technique moderne. Written by Mr. Artoboleski, Moscow MIR Editions. One mechanism explained in this book is in English: mechanism with slide and lever of parallel rulers. In each ruler, there is a groove. A mechanism like a scissor is fixed between these two rulers. Two heads inside the grooves and two fixed points. Today, I had a look to another earthquake in east of Turkey. 4.7 Richter. We know a plate goes under another plate or a fault moves side by side and friction causes heat. Magma is a fluid and obeys hydraulic laws. As sun radiation penetrate inside the earth, the heat comes up by heat facilitating some reactions. This heat adds to friction heat and what is between expands. In Turkey or elsewhere we see this expansion or upcoming magma makes a fracture in the upper surface. A lot of earthquakes are happened along a river near the small lake east of Van Lake. Turkey should pour some concrete over this river (installing some big pipes in the bed of the river) temporarily and construct a mechanism of slide and lever of parallel rulers. And see what happens for this mechanism and how to for example adjusting the movements by weights hanging in the wells or even building some extra bridges. Bracings in building constructions are familiar for engineers and it is to try only. If you see slides, it is easy to build supporting walls. The produced stresses accumulate somewhere else and it is not good to leave the situation to become quiet by itself.

Hamid Sadeghipour


By Costa Concordia cruise ship wrecked near the island of Giglio off the coast of Tuscany, I supposed the heat might affect Italy much later. But, there is a report of recent strong sun activity. The sun radiation heated up an already warm land. Please, suppose the land goes up in the west coast of Italy and by the way the Italy according to the map is a divergent land with Alps chain. Therefore, it tries to widen the gap. The created plain between resists to create a new plying and it is not easy. To reduce the impacts they have to cool down the west coast, but Italian had people like Fermi and certainly can see the right action not making too cool.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Iran Newspaper in his scientific section reports some months ago a small sun activity made a beautiful aurora in Alabama sky. In another report it mentions there was a strong storm in Alabama in recent days. There is a scientific phenomenon under the name of the “Magnetization and Demagnetization”. When you magnetize something, depending to field strength, stronger one produces more magnetization and a rise in temperature. Rise in temperature magnetize more. The demagnetization lowers the temperature and vice-versa. In one of my articles I explained you about a possible structure of Earth Iron Core and 24 electrons inside the earth. The strong sun activities arrive to the earth and give some charges to these electrons. Summer heat as well magnetizes. Winter cools down some of these electrons. Over some electrons you have some lands. After cooling, the land becomes demagnetized. Winter cools Alabama, but, as another strong activity happens, it magnetizes the land and temperature increases. The difference between two points with the temperature difference causes the strong winds and storm. It is a hypothesis, and I hope some days it explains some events.


Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent earthquakes of Vanuatu islands are due to summer heat of Southern Hemisphere. But, we see recent earthquakes in Mazandaran Province; Savadkuh and three earthquakes in Ardebil and East Azerbaijan provinces. The India subcontinent is a part of Australian Tectonics plate. As Indian subcontinent pushes to Himalayan Chain, as I mentioned in one of my articles, the mountains of East Alborz Chain are drown to the East. In another article I said the Damavand eruption broke the Alborz Chain in two. It is necessary to fix anyhow the rocks of these mountains. Taking care for mechanisms is very important to avoid elsewhere stress accumulations.

Recently I read an article about Higgs bosons in Farsi. In the news as well I see the new findings of the Geneva newly built accelerator. I explain what I suppose and hope it will be used to understand better the basic ideas. When new see the earth as the heavier materials and elements goes under lighter elements, the particles are the same. The atmosphere is formed mostly of lighter elements, and we see heavier elements in few ppm. Then, the graviton as well should be in higher heights than atmosphere. We can find maybe some graviton on the earth surface, but it is like to say Hydrogen could be found in the Iron Core abundantly. These gravitons could be found very far from the earth. The accelerator by creating a strong field makes possible we see these very small particles. But, it is possible we create a structure like a for example iron crystalline lattice. When some particle is going to strike something, we have already some particles there. Like what we have an atmosphere on the earth and no gases on the moon. Something like multiplets in 3 dimensions arrays.

Hamid Sadeghipour


I mention a copy of some part of my article of 20.01.2012: a mechanism with slide and lever of parallel rulers. In each ruler, there is a groove. A mechanism like a scissor is fixed between these two rulers. Two heads inside the grooves and two fixed points. When we look to the recent South East of Damavand earthquake as I said in my recent article, the Alborz chain is separated in two and western part has moved to the south. In the Southern part of the Firuzkuh Tehran Road, South East of Kahanak and South East of Kalak near the Mashhad Village, you can see, the two parts separated, Eastern part in  SE of Kahanak and Western part in SE of Kalak.  Somewhere in the East of this village we see a river: Dalichai river. This river might transfer the movements of faults. It might be good to brace this river and fix the mountain you see the epicenter of the recent earthquake and the sliding mountain.




Hamid Sadeghipour


As the African plate goes under European plate, it creates volcanoes in subduction zones. The South Eastern part of Sicilia that contains Ragusa had a sliding from the northern part. It closes the hole of the magma channel and it erupts into the south and east. Like a jet motor, it pushes the Sicilia to south and west. In the beginning Sicilia was in the golf of Taranto. Palermo city was near Taranto city. As Etna erupted several times during thousands of years we see the present situation.         As eruption emptied the underground, the Italian Surface began to comes down and we had the divergence of north of Italy where Milano is located. The Alps as well is under divergence in Northern part. The recent South of Zurich earthquake is caused by this divergence. We have two kinds of sinking. One is due to loss of the heat and energy that earth shrinks, or the effect is like karsts and soil is going down. It is clear we have to add heavy soil to these parts of the soil, according to laboratories tests, as it is washed away. And, if there is a mountain, we have to fix it to avoid the sliding. Sometimes the mountain could be a little further than usual but the its weight might makes pressure to some kind of the soil.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Recently Scientific American had an article under the title of:

Quantum Entanglement Experiments Expand to Include 8 Photons

I gathered the following text from some sites:

The quantum phenomenon known as entanglement is the property of two particles with a common origin or some multiple particles sharing correlated properties—across arbitrarily large distances. What makes them special is that the two or more act as though they were one photon. That is, whatever we do to the one automatically and immediately happens to the cousins as well. For example, if we change the spin direction of one photon its cousins’ spin direction immediately changes as well. For instance, a pair of entangled photons in different locations might be joined by their polarizations, a property that describes the orientation of a light wave’s oscillation. Measure one photon’s polarization and the polarization of the other instantly assume the same value.

Certain unstable elements naturally emit entangled photons. The radioactive cesium is one of them. There is a lot on the web; you can look it up.

Now, experimenters at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Shanghai have entangled not one but four pairs of photons, linking the polarizations of eight photons. The achievement, described in a study published online February 12 in Nature Photonics, extends the range of previous experiments that had entangled up to six photons. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.) Even larger ensembles have been entangled using individual atoms as the particle of choice, but entangled photons hold much promise for quantum communication schemes, since they can carry messages across large distances.

Xing-Can Yao and his colleagues at USTC calculated that if they simply extended previous six-photon experiments to include another pair of entangled photons, it would take roughly 10 hours of experimental time to generate one entangled eight-photon set.

But imperfections within the structure of the quantum dot create differences in the energy levels (rung heights) between the two pathways, making them distinguishable and creating photons with predetermined, clearly defined polarizations. Except in rare instances, this holds true even for the reliable, widely fabricated indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) dots that JQI researcher Andreas Muller and his colleagues created at NIST. Muller and his coworkers solved this problem by beaming a laser at the quantum dot. The laser’s electric field shifts the energy levels in one of the pathways so that the two pathways match up, resulting in the emission of entangled photons.

Entangled photons have come from individual quantum dots before, but they have been spotted by hunting for dots in large samples whose imperfections accidentally gave the two pathways identical energy structure. JQI group leader Glenn Solomon says that this entanglement technique could work for a wide variety of quantum dots. Though the dots must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures, he adds that quantum dots could offer advantages as entanglement sources over their conventional crystal counterparts as they are less bulky and can conveniently produce one pair of entangled photons at a time, instead of in bunches.

The problem with entanglement is they use a quantum dot. Let me remind you the first attempt to amplify a wave. It was a lamp with emitter, collector and a gate. The gate was a grid or a network. You could supply the speech wave from antenna and some voltage to grid and receiving the amplified wave. Later by adding some impurity, 6ppm arsenic, to pure, for example, silicon, you could have   a semiconductor. This is the same as a grid, but in a large extent. What is amplifying? A small amplitude becomes a large amplitude. An exact superposition of the same wave over and over. In semiconductors, a grid of atoms makes such superposition. I believe we create a series of mirror to reflect the images of all these superposed waves. These are images we see. By changing a property of one photon we see the images.

Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent Oregon off shore and South West of Turkey off shore earthquakes shows the South Hemisphere send heat to North Hemisphere but as the north pole and some parts of the   north hemisphere is under the cold weather the expansion of south force the contracted north and subduction have difficulties to move accordingly. We have another earthquake in the east of Damavand 3.4 Richter. When we see the East of Zagross chain separated by a valley where Isfahan and Sirjan are located, we find a similarity between north of Italy and Dashte Kavir plain. Something in the south like mud volcanoes in the southern part of Iran might be more active. Another point is the recent earthquake of Damavand happens near a fault, and it is good to advise to add heavy soil to gardens and farming lands, but, we see a big rock or small mountain as well, just over a slope under the epicenter of the earthquake. It is good to construct a building or a wall on his foot.


Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent two weak Earthquakes of Hawaii could be very important. We know when something strokes the Earth to form the Moon; some part of the Pacific Ocean was removed. Later, the ocean bed rose like a dome. But, this dome was broken in the west and made movement and separation of New Zealand from Australia. Hawaiian Islands were formed by eruption of the center of the dome. Layer movements caused the whole Islands. Therefore, the earthquakes and eruptions of Hawaii might show the lower layers activity.

I try to bring your attention to some facts from the book under the name of: Foundation of boundary layer theory for momentum, heat, and mass transfer. The book is written by Josef A. Schetz and other sources. Let’s take the thickness of viscous layer over a solid surface to a distance from the solid surface we reach 99% of velocity Ue.  

Ue is a velocity with internal energy of e and the its value depends on the velocity on exterior edge. But, the fluid flowing in this thickness δ you see on the picture is named “Boundary layer”. On this picture we suppose the main flow of liquid flows from left to right and there is a solid surface as you see. You can refer to the literature on this topic for more information. On the solid surface y=0 means the velocity is zero (u(x,0)=0). The velocity increases from zero along the y axis till you reach to Ue (x) on the edge of boundary layer with velocity of non viscous fluid.  We will use a conservation law for a control volume in a direction along x axis as H> δ(x), y=H to y=0. The differential should be in the direction of the flow that means dx as the variation of flow in y direction has less importance. The mass entering from the left into the control volume is equal to         ρudy   between zero and H

The flow going out from right is:

                             ρudy + (d/dx) [∫ρudy] dx   between zero and H

With ρ = density and m= ρV with V= Volume;

If the object is solid and flow is steady, the mass in control volume will be constant. Therefore, the difference between two amounts should enter or exits from the top. If the wall is porous, some amount of the flow by the νm enter the element. The amount of the flow is ρw νw, that should be subtracted from the present difference to find out the flow amount received from the top. The author continues to take all the aspects and finally write formula for pressure for non viscous flow, immediately behind boundary layer by Bernoulli equation.

     (-1/ρ)(dp/dx)= Ue (dUe/dx) and   θ Ξ [1-(u/Ue)](u/Ue)dy

between zero and δ, and      δ* Ξ [1-(u/Ue)]dy   between zero and δ

And resulting in   (dθ /dx) + (1/Ue) (dUe/dx) (2θ+ δ* ) – (νw  / Ue) = Cf /2

Here ρw = ρ= cte.

For inviscid fluid we have more flowing in the region of 0<= y<= δ; the flow has no speed to a certain distance and the velocity increase linearly increase to u= Ue  and then remain constant to boundary layer. The viscous profile remains the same as the mentioned drawing. As we go deeper inside the earth from the crest the fluid becomes more inviscid and velocity increase. Then, we arrive to convection as centrifugal force makes eruption. In the case of the sun it is hydrogen that ionize and goes up and condensate and comes down. The study by Gaizauskaus, Harvey, Harvey, and Zwaan raise some interesting questions. Each emerging active region carries a flux of about 10 to power of 23 Maxwells, which disappears (rather than spreading out over the surface of the sun) after a few weeks as the next active region emerges               in the same site (activity complex). Their observations show that the total flux appearing in an activity complex over a period of about 6 months was 10 to power of 24 Maxwells if one assumes that each eruption of magnetic field involves fresh flux. You see the activity of the sun does not appear every time as a flare. But the earth is influenced. It could be the same for the earth and inside convections. Therefore, Hawaiian small activity might show an eruption in future. And, the European should take care for Iceland as well. Anyhow it is a supposition. For Photon Entanglement we have the same, as the laser is working we have the connection with other photons. If you extinguish your laser and you find always the same photon, we have entanglement, otherwise it is an imaging.                              


Hamid Sadeghipour


The drought would be a problem for this year and next year. We have to find some solution to our problem. At the end of 1980’s, I wrote an article on sky map and how to acquire rain from Milky Way. If we find a freeway having the same direction as Milky Way during the day and we travel along, we might attract the asteroids or stones as well, as one asteroid will pass near the earth in February 2013. But, as these asteroids can pass nearby and make damages to the earth, it should be under close watch for possible strike. If true, with simulation we can lunch a rocket to strike and explode the asteroid with leaving less danger. Even, to lunch more rockets as anti-anti missiles. I would like to mention a book under the title of: INTRODUCTION A LA PHYSIQUE DES INTERIEUR STELLAIRES. The translation is Introduction to Physics of Stellar Interior, written by V. Kourganoff, by Dunod Publisher- Paris- France 1970. On the page 159 we read: to become unstable and the place of convective movements. A layer of gas needs to have an absolute value for the   gradient (relative) of temperature greater than (0.4) times of absolute value of gradient (relative) of pressure. And we mentioned a partial ionization favors, as well, the convection. How to ionize the atmosphere over the Oceans? We can lunch a rocket built from the plastics. We can install a big magnet and batteries inside the rocket. As it is passing through the atmosphere it ionizes the air and produces convection and we have the cloud formation. Please, take care of the presence of the moon during the day. When present, the efforts should be more to realize the process.




Hamid Sadeghipour


In the news, we had the drought of some European countries. The drought happens almost everywhere. The recent solar activity during recent months sent a lot of particles towards the earth. A proton from the sun strikes a nucleus of the air like nitrogen or oxygen and pulverizes it. And mesons are created. Mesons µ+ or µ- have an average life of 2X 10 to power of -6 . With the speed of light, the proton should strike the air nucleus near the earth to be able to penetrate into the soil and underground.

3x105 km/s x 2 x 10 to power of -6 = 0.6 km

The mass of meson µ is 206 times the mass of electrons. The intensity of the mesons in the depth of 60 km under of the earth surface is 0.1 times of the intensity on the surface of the earth. The intensity of sun rays in the north of Europe is twice of the south of Europe (North of France and south of Italy). It is known that conduction of heat from a depth of 100 km to the surface of the earth will require 300 million years. By the way, from nearly2000 particles from the sky, 1% arrives to the surface and 1 over 10000 particles µ arrives to the depth of 500 meters under the earth surface. Normally, the energy arriving to upper atmosphere is 1.94 cal/ square cm s. In a square km we have 194x108 cal/s. We have 1 cal=1.16222222 x10-6 kwhr. Then,

194x108 x1.16222222 x10-6 = 22547  kwhr/sq. Km.

During the strong sun activity, the intensity might be 30 times of normal time= 30x 22547= 6764100 kwhr/; َAs 10000/1 particles arrive to -50 km under the earth surface, 676 kwhr/ arrives to this depth. It creates some current and magnetizes more. The dusts are attracted to the earth and we have less nucleation in the clouds. If we can take electricity from the soil or discharging the soil, we can have more rain. But later by lower sun activity it is better to stop such practice.

From the book: Cosmic rays in the series of Que sais-je? And McGraw-Hill publishing Co.


Hamid Sadeghipour


In one of my article I mentioned the magma due to movement of the earth toward the east has a direction to the east and as the magma move from the south to the north from hot to cold, we have a direction of north-east for north hemisphere. It is true for south hemisphere and the direction is south-east. The difference is when the winter is the season of south hemisphere, the direction in the south east is more emphasized, and in the north has less strength. We know the magma has convection and it is stronger in the deeper zones. Now, for moment, the south east direction of magma in the south hemisphere draws the deeper layers more and consequently affects the north hemisphere. Drag, for example the layers more deep in the Saudi Arabia- Persian golf. Why we have the south- western earthquakes of Iran. How to arrange with these layers? We have to identify the write place to install a bracing system, even in the sea; we can install a platform like petroleum exploration platforms and install a bracing system on the foots sitting on a sea fault or layer border. It could be a solution to control unwanted movements and studying it to install more systems.



Hamid Sadeghipour

                                                                   4 May 2012

On the second page of Time weekly Magazine dated 23 April 2012 you see an advertisement about Breguet: Breguet, the innovator: Invention of the shock-protection device, 1970, a small shock absorber placed on the balancer and connected to chassis (if I make no mistake; I studied watch repairing some 20 years ago for 100 hours course). We can instead of bracing on the earth layers, install some big iron ring leaving some 40 degree of it blank, over a layer and connect it to the layer above it.   Now, the movements of layers, for example, in the Persian golf –Arabian plate is sometimes to south -east and sometime to north –east and it makes some shocks. Later, the movements is completely north –east in the north Hemisphere. The movement for the southern Hemisphere would be reversed as well. Earthquakes of western Turkey or south- west of Iran, and even in the north of Iran shows the present situation. It is a must to erect and place bracings and shock protections as soon as possible. Do not forget, please, to cool down the earth appropriately as the sun activities continues this year. The beneficiaries from this article should take care for Breguet, if he asks for patent. I hope Breguet helps international community.


Hamid Sadeghipour


The stresses add to each other on the earth to create an earthquake. As the building codes recommend some bracing to have a more resistant building, a good design and construction materials are important as well. It is the same for bracing a fault or two layers. Sometimes in the pictures of the earthquakes, we see a new fault on the road, or the action of an underground fault. Sometimes, the fault is under a uniform layer. These faults, if near the surface, could be seen by road construction machineries work, or electrical methods, out of our article scope. But to reduce the impact of the earthquakes, we can brace observable faults. Two steel beams with two holes on each end and connecting by a hydraulic cylinder. You weld some shorter beams under each large beam, and then you dig some holes and place these short beams inside and fill with concrete. To install the impact protection or mortification of impact, you weld triangles made of short beams to each other to make a ring but you leave a space of 40 degree free. You weld some short beams under the ring and you dig the holes and place your ring over the fault.   Certainly your innovation helps you to develop a more practical and efficient way. I think we can do some bracing over financial deals. We know the share prices goes down, almost, by stronger dollar, higher oil price, or precious metals price increase. When some company offers his shares, he can buy and make a combination of dollar, oil and precious metal shares to offer to his shareholders. If the price of his shares goes down the other share lessen the risk. Besides,  the insurance company can offer insurance to each share with different coefficient. Then, the investors come to the industries to invest.

Hamid Sadeghipour


A friend handed me over the movie “Artist”. It shows in the year 1929 and afterwards we were facing new technologies and confrontation between these two tendencies made crisis and ended toward Second World War. We are facing the same in present crisis. But, we have more powerful tools to face it. It is the same for installing the protection to shock or bracing layers or faults. It is more realistic to control new tools globally. One could be an artificial neural network. We know when a network of neurons arrives to a threshold, they show their reaction.

Another problem is the recent Bologna earthquake. I gathered the data of more ancient earthquakes with the new one:



2003     09   14   214251.86       44.33   11.45       10       5.3

2008     03   01     074313           44.06   11.25         3       4.8

2008    03  01   084346.60       44.05   11.23         5      4.6

2008     03   26   024337.30       44.12   11.00         5       3.7

2008     07   23   032225           44.89   11.20         2       3.8

2008    12    23    152422.47    44.56   10.41        28       5.4

2008    12   23   215825           44.52   10.39       31       5.0

2009    04    05   202053           44.24   12.00      28      4.6

2010     09   19   000058           44.19   11.56         5       3.5

2012     01   25   080636           44.85   10.54       33       4.9

2012       05     18      19:40:19.0        44.92   11.20           10         3

earthquake2012     05       19   17:09:35.0 44.89  11.20  3 2.5
earthquake2012   05       19    23:13:27.0 44.91  11.26  5 4.0

2012   05     20   020352.69        44.78   11.23       9       6.0

If you take the magnitude of the earthquakes in y- axis and   the dates in x-axis you find some points. These points form a curve on the lower part of the set of the points:

   2003     09   14   214251.86       44.33   11.45       10       5.3

   2008    03  01   084346.60       44.05   11.23         5      4.6

   2010     09   19   000058           44.19   11.56         5       3.5

   earthquake2012     05     19   17:09:35.0    44.89     11.20       3      2.5

And these points form a curve on the upper part of the set of the points:

   2003     09   14   214251.86       44.33   11.45       10       5.3

   2008    12    23    152422.47    44.56   10.41        28        5.4

   2012   05     20   020352.69        44.78   11.23       9           6.0

Before the magnitude 6 earthquake happens, it could be predictable.

Anyhow it is easy to say now, but the curves show the behavior of soil, sun activity, and nearby faults. In the future, the behavior could be the same. But, installing shock protections and bracing might produce a longer period and bigger cycle. For each region we might take care of these curves if we encounter them in the history of a region.



Hamid Sadeghipour


Let’s write directly on the news. Saudi Arabia says the eastern Saudi Arabia temperature will reach the unusual 70 degree Celsius this summer within 2 months. They say they will   increase oil production to fulfill the oil market demands by Iranian oil embargo and decreasing production. Somewhere magma can come up more and somewhere else less. As Iranian president says we might arrive to a non-reversible point in our actions on our environment. I have no other comments.



Hamid Sadeghipour


I was looking for the port of Rig with a low intensity earthquake near south- east of   Genaveh. On the map near the cost, the flow of the river into the sea with some natural disposition looks like an insect going from the sea to the coast. It might suggest me some idea association. Rig in Farsi means something coarser than sand. Sartre, French writer in his book under the title of “Nausea” writes about intellectual reading books by alphabetical order in his city library.   On the alley looking to boys playing on the street he takes a grain of coarse sand between his two fingers and feels a sensation of Nausea. This summer is warm and people should take care for their hygiene. If in some region there is a lack of water, please, use some cleaning gelatin. The government should produce this item or import it. Bacteriophages are viruses that can destroy the bacteria. Anyhow, we see recent earthquakes more and less around 6 Richter. As the sinking happens, a slide can also happen. Therefore, by piling add some walls as I mentioned earlier before some sliding mountains.


Hamid Sadeghipour


Decision making is a permanent procedure in the life. Everyone should decide whenever he must choose. Some of our decision is genetic oriented and some are based on the information we receive. Now, the tools and methods are necessary to make a better decision. Suppose you are travelling in the space and you are trapped in the field of a black hole.

Therefore, you have to avoid a black hole. You have to study it before your travel. For the moment, I see the earthquakes caused by coming up magma, faults factors, and sliding of big geological elements. Suppose, please, the upper layer over south of Shiraz to the coast on Golf of Persia slides during millions of years to the east of the triangle made by 3 points of top point of Oman –Dubai – Fujairah. This land had a slide much before Kish Island separation. The western part of this triangle has been separated as a divergence from where Bahrain is. But a piece of the mountain has remained there. The up coming magma lift it up and it moves toward the sea. Why so late? Maybe due to petroleum and gas exploitations accelerating the up come of magma. Another example is mid- Atlantic ridge. On the east of the mid- Atlantic ridge you might see a trace of an ancient volcano. The eruption makes moving the north- west part of Portugal- Spain from north of this volcano. On the north-west of this you see a big sinking due to eruption of this volcano. When you see the recent earthquakes of mid- Atlantic ridge you can notice the possible effect of slides. Of course, the parameters of this ridge make the up coming more influential. For undersea placing of bracing or shock protection structures, you construct them and add some reservoir or empty chambers under. Bringing to the point you want to reinforce, just you fill the chambers or reservoirs with what your techniques suggest and the whole structure is wrecked. Or something heavy, large and a little bit thin likes a wall with empty chambers under it to enable the carriage. When the wall is in the position over the water to go down and avoid sliding of a undersea mountain, you fill the empty chambers according to your method and submerge it.