Californian forests fire and Europe drought second part

Now, please, let’s have a look to the asteroids. You have in the site of main potentially hazardous Asteroids lists every day. The table has the name of Asteroid, date of nearest distance to the earth, the distance of this nearest approach go the earth , velocity of the Asteroid in km/s, and the diameter of the Asteroid.

How we can use these data is in the following procedure. The weight of the sphere with mentioned diameter can be computed by V= volume= (4/3)Π(r to power of 3). Then we multiply by 2.5à Vx2.5 the volume by specific density as a near and approximative number 2.5. but as the Asteroid has not the regular shape, swe take 2/3 of the weight as more realistic weight.

E= the kinetic energy of the Asteroid= (1/2) m (v square).

LD= the distance of the least distance to the earth, but, we have to use his square.

But, the energy E should be divided to LD square.

Another point is the sun. The sun is influenced by the Asteroid as well. To find out his influence into the sun, add, please, 500 to the LD of the asteroid. 500 LD = 500 trimes of the moon distance to the earth.

Let’s take Asteroid

1– 2018 UQ1 dated 13.11.2018 on nearest point to the earth, with 9.4= LD;

velocity= 12.3 km/s and 146 for diameter.

m= 2( 4×2.5×3.14x74x74x74)/9⁓nearly 282756

m(v square)= 282756x(12.3 square) ⁓ nearly 42690150

½ of energy = 21345075 divided by LD square= 88.36

21345075/ 88.36= 24150 you arrive to nearly this number.

For the sun you have LD =m; 509.4 à LD square= 210288

21345075/210288= nearly 1001

For another Asteroid:

2– 2018 VT4; you have LD= 11.1; velocity= 4.4; diameter 18 m

m= 2( 4×2.5×3.14x9x9x9)/9 = nearly 5085

mvsq.= (4.4×4.4x 5085)= 98446

E= (1/2) 98446=49223; LD sq.=123; 49223/123= nearly 400

For the sun LD= 511.1; LD sq.= 261223

49223/261223= 0.2

You can compare the results for 1 and 2.

We can make addition of all the results for the Asteroids during one months, one year or 5 years.

The can publish the results regularlybto see the differences and even predict the events. It is a computerized work.

What could be done? To construct walls in some places. Cooling down the wells as I said before. Installing a tubing in some wells and cooling down with a mobile chiller.