Californian forests fire and Europe drought first part

Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent forest fires in California near Los Angeles in the south and Paradise near Chico in the north have different aspects or reasons for why it happened. If you look to the satellite map of California, you might see in the both sides of Californian in the east and west two mountains. The adventive passage of the tectonic pacific plate under the USA caused a slope from east to west and from north to south. In the Paradise city location we see the mountain slide and separation. The southern part has a fault in and Camp fire is in the middle of this fault. That is why there is a fire in Paradise. The soil is creeping and movement of the mountain with Paradise over creates heat. Besides, the movement of the pacific plate under American plate and specially California, too, creates heat. We will discuss another aspect more, but, for the moment, passage of the asteroids as well lift the earth and ease the movement. We have Europe drought as well. The western Europe is lifted up and eased the movement of African tectonic continent under Europe and heated it up. It is not all. The movement of American plate and continent to west makes the movement of the western part of the mid- Atlantic ridge in the north of Atlantic Ocean. What makes the magma comes up and pushes the eastern part of the ridge toward Europe and we have American continent pushed in the south- west   and north-east of American continent, in consequence, is pulled and north of Europe is pushed by eastern part of the mid- Atlantic ridge.