The second half of 2011

Hamid Sadeghipour


It is rarity that makes the free market. Archeological artifacts from Native American can not be removed from the soil in Texas. That what is happening after severe drought in Texas, bringing these artifacts available by drying lakes.

But water is not a rarity. The surface of the earth is covered mostly by water. Anyhow, by communicating with each other we are creating a bigger world if clemency is more than vengeance, if what we say publicly is not used to oppress others. Let us see what happens in Texas creating this drought.

If we look to the natural map of North America, we see the eastern and western parts in the south are making a rotation. The Texas part with a counterclockwise rotation and turn comes from Golf of Mexico and stick to Northern part. The part containing Florida with clockwise rotation and turn comes from South America. What is under California was one day a part of Central America. The Pacific Ocean bed plus South America!!!( for the attention of geologist to say what is happening really) are pushing this eastern part ( containing Texas). Imaging the Golf of Mexico after oil spill and eruptive wells, the bed of Mexico Golf is going deeper and loose resistance, causing more pressure to the part containing Texas. We know the salt domes in the Golf of Mexico and Louisiana and other parts of the North America southern part have a volcanic story. Therefore the pressure build up creates heat and we can not arrive to due point. Besides, the sun activity is high now. Texas won’t have some long years of drought if managing correctly. If you dig out in the lowest points of Texas some wells and cool down the water you can manage the drought and it is correct for everywhere. The main thing to remember is not using this as weapon. Live and let others live. Even with some less profit it is better than complete loss for us or others. Of course, if your exploitation does not hurt anyone, go ahead.




Hamid Sadeghipour


I am reading the book under the title of” Timescales of Magmatic Processes from Core to Atmosphere”, written by a group of scientists. I have to write these lines as I might forget the subject. There is an interesting point about coming up magma written in the introduction of this book; (Volatile-rich) alkali basalts range from 0.2 to 2m/s, i.e. 6 orders of magnitude faster than that of calc-alkaline, inferred from U-series isotopes. Furthermore, kimberlites are believed to erupt at near- supersonic speeds (> or equal 300m/s). I believe the energy is transferred by particles radiation from the core and we have 1.5 km speed of coming up magma. The difference we have is due to particle incidence. A small spot on the core radiate and it becomes a larger spot on the earth. The angle of reflection for these particles, with regarding of the material expands the spot and this is the speed which Authors refer to. Anyhow, what I would like to mention is we can dig the deep wells for future, when we face cold and inject the materials accelerating the come ups to warm the surface. To design the action might take several decades.


Hamid Sadeghipour


Last week, we had many earthquakes across Asia and Greece. I think the reason for these earthquakes are different and have many aspects. The tectonics aspects are evident. We are in the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in Southern Hemisphere. In Southern Hemisphere the ice is forming and pushing toward the north and more volcanic activity, for example, in New Zealand. More heat in the North Hemisphere and more pressure on faults. Anyhow, cooling more cautiously, adding more heavy soil to where faults might be loosing the strength, more water filtering in the rural areas and all advises in my articles or other sites. We can reduce the impacts and hope for the best. Anyhow, we have to take care for mountainous region as I said in my recent article.


Hamid Sadeghipour


To be brief, it is predicted that spots of the sun activity face the earth on 20 and 21 August. Therefore, it is safer to stay home for this weekend, or under the shelter. If you are in vacation, enjoy the shadow of something to stay away from the sun rays.

Hamid Sadeghipour


The next 30 days will see, according to predictions some high solar activity. But yesterday and today activity was lower than predicted. Every country around the world will construct new power plants to satisfy energy needs. I went through some regions for comparing the precipitations and solar activities. We can see the solar activities during past decades decreased a little bit and relative humidity of Bandar Anzali increased while in Shiraz decreased. It is because less heat keeps the clouds down and do not let them to have energy to pass Alborz chain mountains. If we construct the power plant in Bandar Anzali the generated heat might help the clouds to go higher. This extra rain in Bandar Anzali causes more erosion as well and would be beneficial to them as well. Around the world studying these trends might help a better situation for every one.

Hamid Sadeghipour


I look at the map of the east of USA and I see Appalachian mountain. In the north of it the mountain looks like a sinking boat lying in one side. But it is not the whole story; the southern part had a sliding from the northern part. The recent earthquake of Virginia is near the border of these two parts. It is clear it would sink more, very slowly. But it had this sinking due to washing out of the soil under the mountain. The east of the USA has too much rain usually, therefore using the heavy soil to spread all over the places you can helps you to avoid more pressure. For example, where the earthquake happened is a wood. The rocks have divergences and create a big and shallow hole. You can produce wood there and fertilize the land by heavy soil if necessary.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Nowadays, we use the following devices to study particles behavior or heating plasma. But, we do not use as an atomic energy producer. Uranium like petroleum has limited resources and soon we have to find new resources. The following is a brief explanation of two kinds of devices:


Physicists use particle accelerators to study the nature of matter and energy. The massive machines accelerate charged particles (ions) through an electric field in a hollow, evacuated tube, eventually, to collide each ion with a stationary target or another moving particle. Scientists analyze the results of the collisions, attempting to probe the interactions governing the subatomic world. (The collision point is usually located in a bubble chamber, a device that records the tracks of ionizing particles as rows of tiny bubbles in a liquid-filled chamber.) The paths of the accelerating particles may be straight, spiral, or circular. Both the cyclotron (spiral path) and the synchrotron (circular path) use an increasingly strong magnetic field to control the paths of particles. Although smashing particles may initially appear to be an odd technique of studying them, particle accelerators have enabled scientists to learn more about the subatomic world than any other device.


The gyrotron is a type of free electron maser (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). It has high power at millimeter wavelengths because its dimensions can be much larger than the wavelength, unlike conventional vacuum tubes, and it is not dependent on material properties, as are conventional masers. The bunching depends on a relativistic effect called the Cyclotron Resonance Maser instability. The electron speed in a gyrotron is slightly relativistic (comparable to but not close to the speed of light). This contrasts to the free electron laser (and xaser) that work on different principles and which electrons are highly relativistic.

Gyrotrons are used for many industrial and high technology heating applications. For example, gyrotrons are used in nuclear fusion research experiments to heat plasmas, and also in manufacturing industry as a rapid heating tool in processing glass, composites, and ceramics, as well as for annealing (solar and semiconductors). Additionally, years of testing by the U.S. military has led to the development of a weapon system intended for non-lethal crowd control called the Active Denial System, which delivers a sensation of intense heat to its target using a directional beam of energy.

We can use the emitter or the source of particles a pump for pumping the metallic powder through the path. We can wire or use laminated special metals, around a round or square shape of a metallic tube to accelerate these metallic powder. At the end of tube we can conduct these metallic particles to a tube of water. The collision of this metallic powder with water heat the water and we can use this water like hot water of installations or water vapor for producing electricity. We can install

a pump to pump water to a tower and a pump after a deviating transformer for collecting the metallic powder to recycle. This is only a proposed scheme. Maybe by experimenting such a devices, we increase efficiency of a non-Uranium or radioactive atomic energy. We can construct for each small city one such a device to produce hot water under the city streets and even houses and administrative buildings.


Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent Central Turkey, Crete in Greece and Tonga recent earthquakes might be due to the known fact of the relative movements of two tectonics plates or lands. I was looking to a small earthquake in Persian Golf. Kish Island is a beautiful Island near the Iranian coast. You can have a visa in the Kish Airport for one week when you visiting Dubai or Emirates by plane. In the Brochures of Kish Island you read the Island is a coral Island. In reality it is a big rock slide. Later the bed of Persian Golf moved toward south east and this piece of rock was inhabited by corals. You can find the trace of this big rock in Jazze port on the Golf. It is the same for Lavan Island you find the traces in Ziarat coastal city of Golf. It is possible these land movements go to Turkey and especially in central Turkey you find clearly land movements relative to each other. For Greek earthquakes as well it might be the movement of lands relative to each other. Anyhow, there are build up of stresses. Of course, the movements are very slow as you have the Kish Island in the history of Middle East Navigation some thousands years ago. The solution might be building roads and bridges along these borders of lands. By cooling the contacts or injecting concrete or any other methods you know you release the energy or reinforcing the soil structure of the places you find anom

Hamid Sadeghipour


It seems to me the earthquakes occurrence is facing some reduction in the intensity somehow. I become older and the number of my articles declines. As Elliot says; as we become older, the pattern becomes more complex. The efforts for the continuation of development and hope of life should be increased and more programmed. In the before last newsletter of the site: “geology.about” you can read an article under the subject of Zagross salt domes. If you make a search over “salt domes” you find out that in many regions of the world you have salt domes. For example: Golf of Mexico, Germany. In the site of “geology.about” the author explains the source might be volcanic. In my point of view when we have volcanic effect we face petroleum and in the absence of volcanic effects we have cock or stony combustibles. The effects in the absence of volcanic activity are the effect of carbon under the soil and separation of salt under the layer of forests and dead microbial bodies. Then, as they go deeper under the other layers, pressure heat them up and they become more plastic and buoyant.

We had an earthquake in 15th September 2011 with intensity of 7.3 Richter in Fiji Region. The depth was 630 km. If you measure the distance of epicenter with the edge of the tectonics continent you find some 300 km. Make a triangle with a right angle from a point on epicenter, a point on the tectonics border and the point in depth of 630 km. You find out the length of the diagonal nearly 700 km. This is the border of first and second mantle.   The material is with heavier elements than upper parts. It was certainly very strong in his depth. Now is the end of summer in north hemisphere and winter in the south. The expansion and contraction of hemispheres create the pressure and as the upper layers are colder and move less the pressure in the depth takes energy and become more active. This earthquake pushes the Australian tectonics continent and Saudi Arabia part pushes his northern part. And we have recent earthquakes of south of Iran. Two of them in two sides of Zagross salt domes in Fars Province. We know these salt domes are from volcanic activities. Maybe one time Ethiopia and south of Iran were a unique part. We have the salt domes under the present layers as well. With more heat they become plastic and move. It is the job of National Iranian Petroleum Company to take care of it, as the salt domes are accompanied by gas and petrol.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Suppose, when earth cooled down, the magma convection made a mountainous belt around the world. The moon formation   took a part of this belt, and tectonics plate movements began. The tectonics movements changed the place of these chains. I think the some traces disappeared, some were lessened in importance and height and some emphasized like Himalaya. Please, have a look to the map of Europe or the world in the EMSC site. Western part of Iran matches the west of Iraq. They are separated   slowly and southern mountainous part of Saudi Arabia is separated from Ethiopia mountainous region. I said in one of my last article the Kish Island is moving slowly with Persian Golf basin from north east to south west. Now, let’s look to the Van Lake. The mountain around the Van Lake was a straight mountain the           over Uremia Lake but the mountainous western part of Iran and mountainous eastern part of turkey pushed this mountain to wrap around the Van Lake. Then, we have a permanent pressure from south to north slowly, in this area. Even the earthquake of 5.5 Richter of 27.10.2011 at 8:04 is in the border of the wrapped mountain and mountainous western part of Iran and east Turkey. These pressures created some volcanoes. In the east of Ercis, and down to south in this region we have these volcanoes. We have two kinds of pressures, one is tectonics and the other the magma coming up. We are in the post summer time and in one of the high solar activity summers. Besides the tiding effects of planets caused the strong earthquake. In my other articles I mentioned we should cool down the earth, while taking care of cold winter.

Hamid Sadeghipour


I noticed some days ago the moon in the morning sky. I told myself how it will remain till today in the morning sky. Yesterday and today I didn’t see the moon in the morning sky. It seems to me the software of Starry Night does not work with my computer counter and date fixing. But we have Mars, Venus and Mercury and Saturn and later in the day the Pluto. Nearly two weeks ago for the Papua New Guinea we had an earthquake of 5.9 and at that time the mercury or Venus were behind the sun. I could not stay silent. Sorry for the mistake. Usually the astronomy journals do not mention moon position. You have always to see the rise time and setting of planets and to take care if they are together in the sky. I beg your pardon again for Moon position, but nobody told me about the mistake. I think nobody read my articles.


Hamid Sadeghipour


When we try to solve a problem in mathematics we use the existing methods, but sometimes, we have to wait for new findings. To improve the situations in the case of occurrence of the earthquakes, we might see the other parts of a region. In the Oman Sea we have Oman fracture zone, and Murray Ridge. Near the Murray Ridge there are Mud Volcanoes. As in this year we had strong solar activity, we had expansions in this part pressing Makran Accretionary front. Makran Accretionary prism covers south eastern part of Iran and Pakistan. The reaction of Van Earthquake is pushing West Makran belonging to Iran to the north, making earthquakes in Hormozgan and Kerman province to Alborz Southern slope. I think Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, even India should cooperate right now to help each other and study the case together.  



Hamid Sadeghipour


You might ask yourself how to use RSI in the earthquakes cases? Well I try to mention an example. Take, please, the recent earthquakes with some latitude and longitude degrees on the following list.

earthquake2011-12-27   07:33:21.01hr 14min ago 39.20  N   26.12  E   10 ML 3.2  NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY
earthquake2011-12-26   23:05:39.69hr 42min ago 39.13  N   29.10  E   5 MD 2.8  WESTERN TURKEY
      earthquake2011-12-25   17:07:17.7 39.09  N   29.08  E   2 MD 2.9  WESTERN TURKEY
      earthquake2011-12-25   16:52:33.0 39.09  N   29.04  E   2 ML 3.5  WESTERN TURKEY

We have to construct a graph with x and y coordinates. X-axis is for the time and y-axis for the intensities. For the time we have to proceed for two first earthquakes:

17:07 – 16:52=15 minutes= 0.4 hour with the same depth.

For 2 next earthquakes 23+ 24- 17.07= 29:58

We change 58 minutes à 58/60= 0.966à 29.966

Afterwards, a difference of 3 km for the depthà 5-2= 3 km. If we take the 1.5 km per day for the coming up magmaà 3/1.5= 2; 2×24= 48à 48+29.966= 77.966

For the 2 next data: 7:33+24-23:05= 8:28 à8466

But, 10 km depth minus 2 km= 8 km à 8/1.5= 5.3

5.3à 0.3×24= 7.2 hours 5×24= 120à 120+ 7.2+ 8.466= 135.666

We draw the graph with intensities on y- axis and the following numbers on x-axis:

0; 0.4; 77.966; 135.67

You might see it has an increasing trend, but we calculate the RSI for the intensities. You can do it for the time and days as well. Schrödinger says we can not predict time and location, both for particles.

The earthquake is a result of energy consequences. By finding RSI for time, you can suppose when? But it can be useful. If you have a clear idea, please, tell me.

Intensities are as follows: 3.5+ 2.9= 6.4à 6.4/2= 3.2

2.9- 3.2x 0.1818+ 3.5= 6.4- 0.58= 5.82

I think you can see last article for more explanation.

2.9+2.8= 5.7 and 5.7/2= 2.85à 2.8- 2.85×0.1818+ 8.1

8.1/ 5.82= 1.39à 100- 100 (1+ 1.39)à 100- 41.84= 58.16

2.8+3.2=6à 6/2= 3

3.2- 3×0.1818+8.1= 3.2-0.54+8.1= 10.76à 10.76/ 8.1= 1.33

100/2.33= 42.9à     100 – 42.9= 57.08

You can see RSI is decreasing from 58t0 57, then the next one for this point has less intensity.

By reducing tension around the world we will have less strong earthquakes. Deicing releases the pressure in some other part. If you have volcanoes on the way of this some other part, they become active. They produce clouds and sometimes make expand around it, or erupt. You can see for example Philippine floods. From where these clouds come and why it precipitate in just one place. Then, to have less tension, we have a better situation if we care about all of the aspects. It is the same for the economy. We have to reduce tension between countries by mutual agreements or group of countries agreements. Less tension between countries is equal to a better economy in long term.