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Quantum physics theory and earthquakes part 1


Hamid Sadeghipour


It is a longtime I study time to time Quantum physics. , if it remains between ourselves I do not understand much, but every time I understand something more. 2-slits experiment was in my first year of physics book. But I saw it again; recently, in my book I bought 14 years ago under the title: Quantum field theory written by Lewis H. Ryder. The experiment consists of a source of particles and a shield with two slits and then the screen. Two slits should be enough near each other to have interference, that’s why we have more incidences in the middle. If you count the number of incidences and report it as a perpendicular to screen the shape of the lines end become something like the coast of eastern Japan, or south of Iranian coast in the Persian gulf, or the plate in which Greece lies and most of it is under the sea. It could be a supersonic jet curvature, but let’s take this aspect. The source under surroundings fields shows such behavior. For Japan, the shield might pass near Mariana Islands, and the source might be near the equator. Why we have the trajectory to north eastern Japan?

Part 2

Hamid Sadeghipour


Two slits form two cones of particles around each slit, in some manner. The particle reaching north eastern Japan is deviated to such direction. Why? We see behind and in front of the Japan screen the petroleum exploitation. East of Russia, Alaska, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, and countries with the same activity around Japan should immediately begin a conference on controlling situation. Next time might be their turn with a lot of aftershocks. It is besides the influence of summer end in south hemisphere and the heat transfer to north hemisphere. The colder part of the east to the region of Pacific Ocean, like superconductive effect, create more current and field effect for deviation. The western part due to petroleum production is warmer.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Recently Scientific American is awarding articles on “Is the world digital”?

I remember in 1960’s the eastern and western blocks were too strongly separated. As our two poles that south hemisphere has less lands but strongly present with his oceans. We have to know each part has own benefits. The analogue world is present though like southern hemisphere might be too far for northern people. Is our world continuous or discrete? We know we cannot have infinity, and mathematicians say the biggest number is not infinity. Our world is limited. Then we cannot divide time or distance to infinity in real world. Therefore analogue or digital are like particles and waves a dual aspect of a phenomenon.  For a hygrometer we have a thread elongation, and it is analogue. It is most cheap way to measure.

For your information the time to send articles for award is past.

I was looking to Chile earthquakes near Conception.  If you look to Ocean basin in nearby you see that the continuation of the ridges has disappeared under the continent.  The traces of a ridge is on the north of the coast some hundreds of kilometer farther.  In the east of the South American opposite to conception we can see a trace of ridges as well. What I suppose is the continents are not derived from a unique land as the shape of continents show. Because, an under layer has come up between the east and the west coasts of South America. Therefore, why we have these shapes? Maybe, it is due to gravity of the poles and Pacific Ocean presence.

It is only a supposition that might end to better situation analysis.

I suppose another thing as well, the recent earthquake of Germany with 3.7 Richter is on a slope of hill under agricultural lands. I saw the same thing in Iran, Fars province.  There are too much worry about fertilizers and pollution. But, we can install some reverse osmosis filters before water flow in irrigation and use what remains due to filtration again as fertilizer. But this time we can exchange this material with other regions lacking them.


Hamid Sadeghipour


We have a debate on utility of Nuclear Power Plants for future. I think we have to redesign the concepts. One is to miniaturizing the plant. Of course, I have no knowledge of what could be the results. But I propose it anyhow. To produce the transistors we produce pure silicon. Then we add some parts of germanium per million impurities to silicon to form positive region, doping. Silicon and germanium belongs to same group IV and produce positive=p wafer. If we add some parts of arsenic per million impurities to silicon we form negative wafer= n. Three layers of pnp amplify the wave you supply to n layer. How about a pnp, for example, by using zirconium doping with for example uranium or plutonium as/and another suitable element to form three layers. We supply the energy to n layer and amplify it in the u-trans (our energy transistor). Even an integrated circuit can work as an amplifier. We have to make like ancient memory of rings, arrays and columns like a matrix in 3 dimensions. Then, we enclose them like the existent nuclear reactors. The difference is we can build them in smaller scale like batteries. Of course with all the precautions, but much more numerous.

Hamid Sadeghipour



33 years ago I was following a language course and teacher showed the student: “the future shock”; too much change in a too short period of a time”. We live as well regarding eternity a very short period of time. Scientific American in an article write about black holes. That we understand from them is based on the exterior shape of what is going to be swallowed and not by the hole itself. We see the stars, but we are not able to distinguish the shape of an earthquake before occurrence. Anyhow an earthquake is shock. We can extend the period of the time to reduce extend. For the second time, an earthquake happened in Christ Church, and it won’t be the last one. If you read the newspapers of New Zealand you can see the lack of water during the summer. Now, near the end of summer. As we approach the solar activity pick soon in one or two years, we will see not only in New Zealand but in other parts of the world and specially the northern hemisphere. Of course, the sky is active and some special gathering of planets shape the time of the earthquake. Sometimes the sky is empty of planets and rising Sun and Venus shake the earth. An earthquake occurred in Sharif Abad in the east of Tehran while all the planets were in the east of the sky, just from the middle of the sky to the east. It is not the whole energy to shake, but when you see the trace of some dam or water flow in the east of this point, you see again the factor of water in the earthquake and maybe the waste water flow as well. The recent east of Turkey earthquake is near Van Lake. We have to warm up region too cold at least for a while, as we care for our trees in the cold region. Or cool down in summer some water or construct the hydrothermal plant, even with seasonally production. The curve of time- water level in some region of the New Zealand is like frequency spectrum of a volcano with low activity but permanent. Like what we see in Auckland of New Zealand frequency activity. If we program now for future, the shock will be less strong.

In the northern hemisphere, this summer, we might suffer the lack of water in some regions. Therefore, we must use water maybe less to have it all the summer.

Scientific American recently published an article under the title:

How Does Geothermal Drilling Trigger Earthquakes?

I excerpt the following from the whole text:

Despite the promise of cheap, clean power, geothermal energy development may be on shaky ground. There have been rumblings from residents and scientists alike that drilling deep to tap naturally occurring heat could cause bigger earthquakes.

Just a few years ago, a now-infamous geothermal project in Basel, Switzerland, which drilled three miles (4.8 kilometers) into Earth’s crust, set off a magnitude 3.4 earthquake, rocking the town and shutting the operation down entirely, The New York Times recalled recently. There are two different aspects on this topic. First, it is efficiency of the geothermal exploration, and second is the importance of using geothermal activity of the earth to cool down some region. We do not need to go to 6000 meters deep to have 200 degree C, but maybe to some depth to have boiling water. Or to 1000 meters depth even without reaching to boiling water necessary degree. Then we install the equipment and a thermometer to alarm us over heating up of the earth. Therefore, we avoid the strong earthquake without an economic profit. It is good to say sometimes, it would be much expensive to bear an earthquake.


Hamid Sadeghipour


Before the recent strong earthquake of Honshu, Japan, we had the news of Japanese robots imitating humans. But how we neglect what is necessary to take care and invest in what might not be urgent. The Fukushima nuclear Power Plant shows some hidden point. The water is pumped to the coast. The reasoning behind the recent earthquake is the 9 to 10 centimeters subduction per year, in the region. It seems that all over the coasts of Japan, they practice pumping water from the ocean. There is a current parallel to equator going parallel to Japan coast and continues in north and goes to North American coast. It is like an ellipse. Pumping water to Japanese coast makes this ellipse longer and the parallels to equator approach each other, and have its consequences. More distant from equator makes current less warm. Another less important current is Okhotsk current, coming from the north to Japanese coast. I do not know the policy of Japan regarding the pumping of the water. Anyhow, in the south the water is warmer than in the north of Japan. Colder water over the region of subduction cools more the subduction zone and becomes more rigid. What could be done? To make small lakes around the pumping regions to let currents be untouched to possible.  It is not the problem of Japan only, but all the country having the refineries, Petrochemical factories or nuclear power plants. We should study this phenomenon everywhere and take care.

For contaminated foods they can powder them and feed the chickens. And again to powder the produced chicken to feed the new chicken generation to see less and permitted contamination.



Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent earthquake of 6 Richter near Crete, Greece, at first April could be important for further aftershocks. I tried to see a Greek report and I found the excellent e-book of Mr. Thanassoulas in the site of:

You can refer yourself to this site and read the book. What I try is to facilitate your job, if true.  The prediction method is based on electric field changes of the soil.  When you have a fault, two surfaces of a fault could produce some pressure on each other. The pressure changes the atomic structure and when this energy is released, it creates an electric current. Recording this electrical change can help us to predict earthquake. The results of measurements could be different. But we need them to be in a range  to see a pattern. After the amplification we can put the values in the formula: Y= e/[1+1/x]x

For x=0  y=0; and x=∞  y=1; and you can see all the measurements between zero and one. According to Mr. Thanassoulas you will see a direction in collected and transformed data. Now you can follow the procedure as described in the e-book and choose another station, may be 200 km far from the first one. To make a device to measure a change in electric field, you can hammer an iron rod enough thick into the soil. Use a current generator and apply energy to the rod and from another rod near to first one read the current. You can apply the current in a way you take the best result on the surface of the fault. Then, you compare this current to a reference signal amplify the difference. You normalize the differences by the formula. To measure every minute, use a programmable AVR or similar chip for connecting every minute the measurement device to the rod. You can ask Mr. Thanassoulas about his method. For example, if you had a sensor or rod in the fault near Honshu into the ocean and another one in the coast in front of the first one, you could predict according to Mr. Thanassoulas. You can install them on the ocean basin with a battery and with a cable to the surface of the water with the solar energy cells. These are details you can adjust with your technician.

For each 6 Richter earthquake and stronger one it is possible to implement a device, if not in an existent array.

For the cities being on the coast it is necessary to build walls to avoid tsunami. Maybe some 500 meters distance to the coast.  They should begin, now, to be ready and prepared maybe in a decade!


Hamid Sadeghipour


The problem with acquiring some skill is the health of the people, nutrition, medicaments and so on. Attentional problem, Psychiatric disorders, autism, in children and adults. The first is that society should care more about the health of his citizens. The second is personal care. To increase the efficiency of your head and brain you can increase your care of them and you will understand better. If you message yourself your front and head with some essential oil, you help more growth of your frontal cells, and of course asking your doctor or physician about it. I refer to the book under the name: “Practical Aromatherapy” written by “Penny Rich” published by “Parragon Book”. You can use other sources As well. I explain you some details on the subject and you can complete your knowledge yourself.

Aromatherapy uses volatile plant materials, essential oils and other aromatic compounds to cure and heal diseases and help people to have a better and improved health. The plant materials could be what is found in herbs, fruits, and the bark, roots or resin of some trees. Here is some example:

Limon; Citrus Limon: is useful for stimulating, invigorating, astringent, deodorizing, diuretic and antiseptic. It is useful for clearing the head, whether you have cold or are mentally exhausted, for energizing   an aching body, for boosting circulation, treating cellulite or warming hands and feet uses: massage, baths, inhalation, …

Basil; Ocimum Basilicum: oil of flowering sweet basil has a very high o0f comp-hor and a warm aromatic, sweet – spicy smell.

Uses: nervous insomnia, anxiety and tiredness, insect bites, headaches, poor circulation and muscular aches or sprains. It can be used by massage, bath, and inhalation. A few drops on a tissue clear the head.

Warning: basil potent and may cause skin irritation in some people, so always use cautiously. Avoid during pregnancy.

For message you can dilute 15 – 20 drops of the essential oil in 60mili liter of carrier oil. The carrier oil can be sweet almond oil, peach kernel, apricot kernel, jojoba, avocado oil.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Sometimes, our judgments and reasoning might be wrong and we might bear very disastrous consequences. The scientists declare we had 3 meters displacement of two continents to approach each other: Asia- America. According to attached picture, in my point of views, a hard layer as second layer has moved and receded in between layers. And a layer over all others approaches  the third layer.

Hamid Sadeghipour


In my point of view the best is to reduce tensions and stresses by asking advice of others disregarding the race or civilization. Our long civilization all around the world shows us no race or civilization stayed permanently in history. The recent 6 Richter earthquake of Honshu, in the spring shows we have stronger earthquakes ahead during summer. It is to understand that militarism has two aspects: 1- society security 2- military expansionism causing most of our present disasters. Anyhow, sun begins to shine in the east of Pacific Ocean and warms up the ocean till arriving to west coast like Japan, east of Russia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia … New Zealand. In the subduction zones we have more heat and stronger earthquake here or elsewhere. It is time to invest in our development and disaster prevention than hidden expansionism. It is time the countries and nations of the Pacific Ocean invest in hydrothermal energy. Sun is warm from 7 o’clock to 14 to be the warmest hour of the day. Therefore, Japanese should go 7 hours to east and implant their hydrothermal energy production installation. Any nation on the west coast of Pacific Ocean should do the same. But it is better to be decided internationally



I imagined layers of Pacific Ocean and Asian continents. But, what makes the differences. To lessen the effect of earthquakes we can dig the wells along the coast and fill them with concrete or something hard. It can be true for wherever we see strong earthquakes an subductions.




Hamid Sadeghipour


The atmosphere is the continuation of the earth crust. The core is made from iron mostly and the atmosphere from gases. The iron core rotates and makes turning all and atmosphere as well with. If you look at a weather satellite map of the west Pacific Ocean that includes Australia, sometimes, you can see the clouds are formed over the basins of the region having less depth than neighboring these basins and covered by sediments. We see sometimes a fracture inside the clouds reflecting the nature of the oceans. In the north of Wake Island we see the deep parts of the ocean like fractures or divergences. In Philippine Basin, for example, the petroleum is explored. Therefore, the magma comes up and warms the ocean water and makes more clouds. By coming up of the magma in some regions magma goes down in other regions like deep ocean regions. The summer in southern hemisphere and specially in equator has his own effects and warms up as well the region around equator and pushes what is in the northern hemisphere around equator. As the deep ocean becomes colder it becomes harder and transmits the movement of the ocean basin. That is why we have the hard push of the ocean basin under Japan making a strong earthquake and several aftershocks. Another point is the sky over the Honshu region. Sun in the middle of the sky, Moon and Mercury in the west, Mars and Venus on the east lift up the lands and allow easier subduction. I am not sure about last point, and it is what I found that may be wrong.

Hamid Sadeghipour


Sartre in the first page of the book “Being and Nothingness” writes “the being is a series of appearances”. He studied, before writing the book, German philosophers on Time and being. I read only few pages of this book but this definition is unique. A series is a sequence, often infinite, of terms to be added or subtracted. In mathematics a series is convergent or divergent. For example the series: (1+1/n) to power of n, when n goes to infinity, becomes equal to e= 2.781… and converge. But if you have (1+n) to power of n, when n goes to infinity, becomes infinity and in some divergence. I would like to say when an earthquake happens; it is the consequence of a series of events. If we can change the course of events we can arrive to convergence. And later, by acting in some manner, to lower the intensity of the event, we will arrive to a solution on reduction of earthquakes impact.


Hamid Sadeghipour


I was looking to recent US central tornado and there is some conclusion to draw. Suppose, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, N. Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana with Caribbean Islands form a piece of land that were separated from north east of South America and made a rotation to adhere North America. There is fault, from South West to North East, between the Central and S. East of US. It is good to control the temperature of this fault. As too cold we have more clouds and a moment can create a tornado. In the north of Alabama we have a Nuclear Power center as well, that there was a shut down. It is good when the weather forecasts show a tornado or cyclone ahead, to reduce the activity of the central. It is better than further damages. The reactors create a source of supersonic particle jet. Another point might be that more marine and air action from USA toward Japan for help Japanese and intervention in North Africa. I think if we want to help a nation internationally, we have to pay to nearest countries to supply help and pay them internationally, if possible. For example China and Korea could help Japan, and paid internationally.                  

Hamid Sadeghipour



I was studying the Schrödinger, Hamiltonian and Lagrangian, the basic wave functions and formulas for electron movements around a nucleus.

By the time I heard on French drought, since 2005 and 111 years ago. I have to say the drought is a serious matter and it happens to any country, therefore what follows is just a supposition I hope maybe to help you to see more clearly the subject. If, we take more exact days for these two events and divide them to each other we find the number 24. The Earth core is Iron, with 26 electrons on orbits. You can find more information on this element in Physics and Chemistry books and internet. I think 2 electrons are orbiting around nucleus to avoid interaction between other layers with nucleus. 24 electron remains. Take 3 dimensions orthogonal coordinates. You have 3 surfaces, xy, xz, and yz. Please, draw bisects for each 90 degree angle. You will have 18 lines beginning by the center of coordinates. Take an egg and place on each line with some distance to the center. On each surface you have 8 eggs. You see the picture I attached to my article. Sorry for my drawing skill. The earth core is declined regarding to the axe of the earth rotation, and when arrives for example to France, as the magma from south hemisphere arrives to north hemisphere, as well, together, they heat the region for a while. I think Australia in south hemisphere had some drought condition as France due to opposite declination in south hemisphere.

The problem with last arrangement of electrons in orbital is that we will have 18 electrons on axes in positive and negative section. Therefore if we place only one electron on each axe end we have 6 extra electrons. We have, then, to add a bisector surface to for example y-axe, with 6 electrons. For 2 and 3 electrons of valence we have to add another bisector surface to x-axe and these electrons and their position might affect the drought. I hope to see in future some article based on this assumption.



Hamid Sadeghipour


In June 7th 2011 a solar activity, not as much strong as December 5th 2006 eruption, has occurred.   The problem is that later we had the Taiwan earthquake some 20 days later, enough strong but not reaching 7 Richter. In Iran we had weak earthquake of Roodehen in 20 December 2006, I wrote in my article of that time is due to icing, but that could be only one cause. We had several earthquakes, afterwards, in Kuril Island after 2006 eruption in December 2006. We have not to worry about, and this time is not as strong as 2006 activity, but we have summer and we have to take care about fire in woods and shrubs, or earthquake in some region I hope could be off shore. Anyhow it might be everywhere and not in the places I mentioned. If seismological Institutes are vigilant during next 30 days and cooling takes place around the world, we might have less impact. I am sorry to write these lines and hope nothing happens .



Hamid Sadeghipour


Recently 3 reports from Americans say the sun will have less activity in near future. If we have a look to statistics of the same periods in the past of sun activities, like around year 700 A.D. we can notice the increase and more frequent of dryness and flood years in the southern regions. What can be down? The solution is more sea water purifying to have water, constructing more green houses and carrying water from other regions, even from nearby sea. For the coldness in future, we have to develop more and more underground streets and corridors, gas, waste water, and water pipe wrapped by wires to heat  up if cold is persisting. We are in the high activity of the sun and scientists say it is the last for some next decades. In the last high activity 11 years ago we had a report that high sun activity causes more sickness and bacterial activity. I wrote in the past articles we can send rockets toward the sun to have more energy from the sun. We can construct on the moon a factory, just to send the materials from the moon regularly toward the sun.

Hamid Sadeghipour


The Iranian weather organization says we will register 50 years records in the next weeks for high degree of temperature and already some earthquakes in southern Iran with near 4.5 Richter. Elsewhere, we see these high temperatures as well. We have to reduce temperature everywhere by cooling. One way is using mobile chiller erected on trucks with a diesel generator. Cooling could be arranged even with the cold water from the wells to reduce soil temperature. It is good to remind that sun has 11 years normal activity in normal cycles. But, if you look to longer cycles, the sun has periods of 100000 years. We ascended one of these cycles and this cycle had ascending temperatures. Next cycle has descending temperature pattern. It is good to see the history of the past. Geneva region in Switzerland was a glacier 15000 years ago. 32000 years ago South of Germany was like Alaska, we had even at that time the Iron Age, but the civilization was absent due to lack of transport and long winter. We will reach completely cold weather and icing in 40000 years later in most of northern region. Therefore too cooling in future might be dangerous but for moment it is crucial. We have to develop in future underground structure for winters and farming pattern will be different. But like Alaska the forest might live only during summer. We have time for the new design and we should be aware what we expect and how to avoid mistakes.