The corrections for the last article on meteorite fall in Botswana

Hamid Sadeghipour                         Date: 15.06.2018\ There was something wrong in my last article. I mentioned the two trajectories: one was from Urals to south Africa, south west of Madagascar, the other from east of the Africa to west in Botswana. The resulting vector from south west of Madagascar ton Elizabeth port in the south Africa and if we continue this vector reaching Falkland Island and near the end of south American continent. This why we have some earthquake recently in Chile. It pushes the African continent to its south west and in consequence north east of the continent pushes toward first toward Spain and then toward Saudi Arabian plate. A recent east of Turkey medium intensity earthquake. If we take the reaction of African continent pushing toward the east, the result is a vector from the east of Madagascar to the north of Kerguelen island toward Macquarie island belonging to Australia. The forces are not important bur good to observe them, as an infinitesimal in the differential calculus, to follow for the affected countries.