Meteorite fell in Botswana, the earthquakes and small climate change(for corrections refer to next article)

Hamid Sadeghipour                                            Date: June 14, 2018 Let me tell you a story. When I was 9 years old, I tried to write a novel, but at that time I did not know what is the plot or the characters is. I abandoned it, but I became eager to read the books, as in the street sides, someone was selling books. I would like to mention to the fact that a meteorites fell in Botswana, South Africa. If we take this event like a science fiction story, I have to say what is the danger it brings to us. To change the color of the skin and become a black man you need to stay in the warm air for a long time. The body is cooked and become brown. But, in the south of the Africa, places like cape hope, you have cooler weather and white men among the population of Africans. The Africans, now, with better nutrition, hygiene and air conditioning become more white men soon. I mention it for the extra-terrestrial if they are true creature. Let me take care of the effects of this event on earthquakes. The meteor came from the east and went to the west with a trajectory of east- west and fell into the land of Botswana. The meteorite reached the south Atlantic subduction plate. It moved the African continent toward the west. We have the latest earthquakes in Madagascar as a result. The meteor hitting near the Ural Mountains, in Russia, some years ago, was from north to south. If we take the trajectory as vectors, the result is a vector going west of the Greenland between Greenland and Canada. I moved the African continent to north-west, Of course, a thin move, very small. The effect was, in the beginning, in the Indian Ocean and south of the Arabian plate. It effected even Iran as yesterday, the earthquakes moved toward north, and we had small magnitude earthquakes over a half of the ring in the north of Iran. Anyhow, I mention that people take care and watch for small climate changes and changing earthquakes places for the future.