The impact to the soil and the earthquake

Hamid Sadeghipour

   Date: 05.05.2018

In the management texts and books, we have the “management of the conflicts” or “how to negotiate with the difficult persons”. Some recent events like the earthquake of near Yasudj city with mountain landslide or the cloudy weather in south of the France and clear sky in the north of France could be the result of the impact or strike of the airplanes to the two mountains. The first by a private Turkish plane and the other by a German Wing plane. It is a ‘might be’ conclusion but could be true as well. For example, we had a drought in Isfahan province this winter. In the first impact or strike, it seems to me, the tower of the airport refused landing of the Turkish plane, and it could be desperately. We should learn to negotiate. Airport tower watchers could fine the plane for technical purposes but to allow them to land. The French people are certainly too severed to German pilots and the German Wing pilot revenged. We need to understand each other, if not, something more dangerous might happen. We are on the same boat and a hole in the boat will result a disaster for all of us.