The new situation in the world seismology

Hamid Sadeghipour

                     Date: 20.04.2018

Recently I remarked an earthquake in the southern hemisphere while there was several planets and the sun and the moon (perhaps, I do not remember and it has no importance) in the sky together. I would like to say the tides on north hemisphere influence the southern one. The military from everywhere are interested to the middle east conflict because of the petroleum, oil and gas. Saudi Arabia is fighting in Syria and Yemen. European, American and Russia bombard the Syria and nobody interest to political solution. All the petroleum producing countries are producing more and try to do more and we have the bombardments as well. Turkey too attack north of Syria. If these bombardments and oil and gas production continue we might have some destabilizations and we do not know where will be struck. If the world wants a more stable economics situation, we need more political negotiation than ever. It is clear that eruptions around the world like Indonesia, central America that have eruptions and petroleum production should take care as well.