The Great Britain and Oaxaca earthquakes

Hamid Sadeghipour


Last week earthquake of Oaxaca, Mexico is near a big fault beginning in the Pacific Ocean and ending in Mexico. They say in this region several earthquakes happen and two strong during last year. I explained in my articles how to connect two parts of a fault or two parallel constructions in both side of the fault by mechanisms likes damping cylinders or bridges, etc. You can refer to my articles. Certainly, you can reduce the impacts, but first know the situations and your capabilities.

The other is the earthquake of Britain, Wales, Swansea. In this earthquake we are facing a dilemma. In the Great Britain we have too much rain. The rain washes the soil and weaken it. But we need the rain and to like or dislike it, it rains. You should make the piles and other fortification of the soil to avoid soil crash. There is another reason as well. Compare the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, October first and Wales earthquake.

2018.02.17 – 1755.10.01= 95795 days= 5x7x17x161

It shows volcanic or divergence of Mid- Atlantic Ocean making pressure to coasts of Europe. If you look to Ocean basin of west of Great Britain you can see round button under water showing maybe the volcanic effects. As you have nearly, every 10 years, an earthquake in the wales, it might be that a magma reservoir is forming and releases the energy. You can reduce this energy impact by digging wells and remove energy if your experts agree.

The third point is the Iranian plane accident. Each plane should fly for a while without motors but when flying in the mountainous region, it loose height and impact to mountains.

For the Russian plane, it could not fly without motors. Their plane is like a rocket. They should design larger wings to allow the continuation of flight without motors. When I was a child I was making planes out of paper. The first requirement was it fly by itself.