The first half of 2010

Hamid Sadeghipour


We have the expression “particle energy well”. It means we need enough energy to take the particle from this well to release energy. When I speak on Pluto and his effects on earthquake, I would like to say Pluto helps to release energy in some depth of the earth, and it is not alone responsible for acting in this regards. It is a kind of problem solving with others, a proposition. I take my interlocutors as organizations with developed analysis capabilities. Of course, individuals might be passive and just future contributors. When we see the similitude of California Golf fault with Milky way fissure shape, it might be just an hazard, but we can mention for further studies. When I mention we add 20 tons of heavy red soil to some agricultural land, you can take some sample from your land and the heavy soil mine and ask a laboratory to analysis both of them and recommend the necessary amount. But, when you are facing a land near a fault, for immediate cur you can add some tons to fill the porosities. If you have time and you can make a model of your fault, it is better to add it in a manner to satisfy the geometry and other specifications. These are scientific methods that should to be taken as important and not the subjects of the science.

Hamid Sadeghipour


I mentioned in my articles dated 05.11.2009 and 12.09.2009 that there is a danger of the earthquake when we have planets over our head. But, the Haitian earthquake was without any precursor. What I write could be an indication that we should take care in similar situations. Let’s have a rod or a narrow plate fixed at one end; we impose a pressure with a fix frequency, but at different points or length of rod, like picture 1, the velocity of the waves change, V(p). If we take frequency variable, but we fix the point the pressure is applied, we see the velocity curve like the picture 2. N= V/λ; velocity divided by wave length. Now, we look to the picture 3, the northern part of south America, somewhere in North of Chili, North of Argentina, middle of the northern part of Paraguay and North of Rio De Janeiro city is a region sticking  to southern part of the South America. This northern part is forming a heart, as I mentioned in my recent articles, with the zero coordinates near Newfoundland Ridge. If you find and mark the earthquakes from 2008 January in this area, on the map of picture 3, for earthquake with magnitude more than 6, you see a curve beginning from Lago Hicaca, to Kayman Trench as one possibility and to Porto prince as the other possibility. The fix rod is fixed on south of Newfoundland Ridge and the free end is on east of La Paz ???!!!.

I write this article while my study is not finished, but might help you to analyze the other situations in future and save your life and others lives.

Pictures are attached


Hamid Sadeghipour


Nowadays, in mining, we should take care for hazard evaluation of a mine. We had a case relating to mining and a loose mountain sliding in his place some 100 years ago and now mining exploitation creating some quite semi-strong earthquakes due to slides or pressure from the weight of the mountain. Take care, please.

Hamid Sadeghipour


  • Avoid jumping to a solution before fully analyzing the problem.
  • Describe the facts: What is the unsatisfactory situation? What is the context of the conflict? Who is involved? Who are the stakeholders? What is each person’s point of view?


    1. Define the conflict: Where is the contradiction between the different points of view? Analyze each member’s viewpoint by speaking to them individually about the situation.
  • Diagnose the conflict: What preceded the conflict? What are the individual interests? What advantages does each party have? What are the power issues?
  • Consider the alternatives, for there is no “best” solution. Sometimes, when the conflict is due to a misunderstanding, explaining the situation in an explicit way may help to resolve the conflict. In other circumstances, the differing points of view cannot be changed, only accepted.


    1. Implement the solution that has been chosen.
  • Evaluate the solution. If the unsatisfactory situation still exists, begin the process again.
  • Most of us follow the courses, even during college or university we had conflict solving course. But we forget these points and look for our immediate interests. During 1960-1980 we had philosophers who were protesting the world human conditions, but now, militarism is over everything. People are worrying about their own economic situation. When we had Bam earthquake in Iran, people died, without the need for reconstruction. The lack of people in south of Iran like bam, mobilized people to replace them. Then Indonesia Earthquake with 180 000 people around Indian Ocean died. American and NATO forces were moving to Iraq and Afghanistan. We agree over Carbon two oxides content in the atmosphere but does not agree that military actions around the world could be anti- environmental. We have enough ship movements for goods and merchandises, that earth could not support our conflicts.                 5 millions of Chinese after the china earthquake eased the American and NATO presence in Afghanistan. Now we have again 4 millions people without shelter and nothing to do for a while. Of course, again some army attacks to restore the justice and again another devastating earthquake. Arms producing countries, Drug traffickers, smugglers, etc, all should agree like G20 in Copenhagen to reduce their activities. Of course, the earthquake could only be emphasized by human activity and the source of the earthquake remains as before.


When along the coast the soil slides heavily, you have to fix the ocean basin near the coasts. You spend a lot about your militarism, but when something happens to you, you sell more arms to defend you. Some of you say the earthquake never happens in your country, but what about fire in the woods and shrubs, or flood, or hurricanes, or storms. We have to agree on constructing our earth or, one day soon or late is our turn.


Hamid Sadeghipour,


We can see the aftershocks of the Chilean

Earthquakes and the only thing I can add is we have another equator.

If we trace a line from Turkey to Chile region of earthquake and continue to Tonga, a region of almost occurring earthquake, and continuing to Mariana Islands region we see a line devising the earth in two parts. The weight of each part is equal to the other part. But, this weight is changing and force of winds, streams, tectonics pressure, etc.

The balance of these two parts weight might be causing earthquake as well. Now, this is how to balance?


Hamid Sadeghipour


I was looking to Las Vegas Geology by It is mentioned Las Vegas is found on Tuffs bearing some gypsum. I had a look to recent central California earthquake 02.04.10 today near Bridgeport and what is interesting is we see lime or gypsum clearly on a small mountain near the earthquake occurrence point.

The important thing is Karstique effects in these regions and porosity. This is not only the characteristics of these regions but many regions of the world. Some earthquakes transfer the forces to other regions by waves through soil and ground. But some are trapped inside a hole and if natural frequency becomes favorable we might have resonances and some earthquake happens. But effect of porosity and Karstique effects might be more critique and big earthquake happens where we had no earthquake before. You can inject diluted concrete inside these regions near the cities. Anyhow we have to compensate the loss of strength.


Hamid Sadeghipour


We had earthquakes in the east and west of Turkey and it was a result of plate tectonics as I mentioned in my recent article. But recent Portugal earthquakes show the earthquakes transfer along a chain. We see Albania and Greece earthquakes simultaneously. These rings of chain are the Turkey land between east and west earthquakes, Greek earthquakes and Greek part , Italian part covering some region of north Africa, and Spain and Portugal. It could be an idea to fix the borders of these parts with each other. Europe has enough population to be able to do so and it could help itself and others. We can find other examples in other continents as well.


Hamid Sadeghipour


We had, in the recent week, two strong earthquakes. Earthquakes have different causes. We have to know better the nature to find the adequate solutions. Let’s go directly to what I see. Recently, I had to repair my car gas exhaust. The repairman welded the pipe a little bit shorter, though the measurement. With the low speed of the car, the part of the pipe under power transmission shaft strike it regularly, as a result of resonance. If you consider the ocean currents, due to spring or autumn the speed of streams are reduced. The temperature has less difference than winter between equator and poles. Then, if some resonance happens, we have some strike of these currents and ocean basin. In some other aspect, we have petroleum exploitation. In Russia the land sink in north east and the stream strike can make it stronger. In other places like Pacific Ocean the soil and ocean basin comes up. The problem is, now, how to reduce these effects.

Hamid Sadeghipour


If you look to the picture, the earthquakes in 14.04.2010, 06:31, for last 24 hours, you can see two hearts. One has the origin in the North of China, a focal point for the Himalaya chain arc. And all recent earthquakes in the pacific and north eastern part of Indian ocean are in this heart. The other point is in the southern hemisphere down to the Africa continent. All the earthquakes in southern part of Iran, Turkey, Geece, Italy,.. are in this other heart. We had recently a deep earthquake in Spain. It shows tectonics continent borders are pushing toward each other in a manner the pressure goes deeply even.

It is necessary to cooperate on the earth on reducing the energy or injecting some energy in some crucial points.

Hamid Sadeghipour


You had certainly several report on recent Iceland volcanic eruption. One was: “this is an extraterrestrial phenomenon”. But, try, please, to be realistic. The earthquake is like the rain, as due point is met you have the rain. There are many types of earthquakes. When, a small, but enough heavy, stone from the sky, hurts the earth. When a convective mass of magma takes enough speed to shoot into a Venturi like magma column. When, two faults strike each other to produce heat and …

When, two faults strike each other. And, as they can not bear the pressure they collapse. When, a hot spot due to earth internal activities become active. When, soil slide activate a fault and an avalanche of activities begin. When, several planets produce tiding effects and some thing moves. And…

The first thing we see in Iceland eruption is that it happens along a fault and not in one point. I would like rather say when we have an earthquake, it does not happen sometimes in one point but, along a fault. It is very important we determine the band width. It is said the precision is expensive. Of course, we can not predict all the earthquakes, but for certain of them, we can predict knowing the history of the region and the history of band widths. Therefore, seismology institutes should mention this band width, as we see sometimes each seismology institute declare a point different than others, due to his computation based on their seismographs.

There are some relation between 466.666 days of coming up magma through 700 km and dates of eruptions with different volcanoes. For example Vanuatu volcano on Ambae Island, 27 December 2005 and Iceland eruption in Laki 08.06.1783 and 21 March 2010 Iceland.

I checked as well the Spain deep earthquake. We had another, earlier, deep earthquake in Spain 8 March 1990. Later we had a strong earthquake in Manjil Iran and another in Indonesia. Now, after the recent Spain deep earthquake, we had Iceland eruption and it is possible we see another strong earthquake around the world and we can not predict where. Specialists can study this phenomenon. As it is cool in northern hemisphere and it rains more, we have to take care about land slide. Check the Collins and hills every where by measuring distance with a fixed point or place some marked stones and measure regularly the distance between them.

Another point is some scientists speak about cooling the earth by for example injecting sulfurous material in some form or shading the sky. We have to take care about the year 2017 when the earth is facing least sun activities. We can cool the hot points, like Iceland, if we can predict the place but, a global cooling might be dangerous and deep earthquakes happen as the earth shrinks and goes deeper under another continental tectonics plate.



Hamid Sadeghipour


I had a look to recent earthquakes and I can mention the similitude of Bering Sea earthquake and oil spilling platform near Louisiana , the subduction zone. Sometimes, you have to predict the earthquake in making platforms. Of course, the specialists in this field know very well what to do, but some advice might be helpful.  If it is an eruption, you should have to take water temperature measurements regularly and compare with temperature with similar situations. The rise of sea water, do you sea a dome, even big curvature? You have satellites. Is it normal? Installing some portable seismographs around is good. You can send several ship tankers to suck the sea surface and when the tanker is full to blow down the tanker from down to empty water after a while. You can have big church bells with attachments like balloons to fill with some liquid to the point it stands over the well, under water. If you connect a pipe to the head of the bell you can pump the petrol with less spillage.


Hamid Sadeghipour


There is a water state like critical water. In hot water near 250 to 300 degree centigrade water is miscible with oil. I would not like to mention this effect on oil reservoirs, but, on magma convection. I see on some internet the magma convection happewns under the crest from inside of the core from 2800 km radius to the places under the crest. But, I think it is wrong. The magma has convection between 2800 km diameter of the core to 700 km of first layer of mantle. As I mentioned some years ago magma comes up by Venturi tube phenomena through the first mantle layer, by 1.5 km per day. It means the mantle material is not miscible with second layer of the mantle. Why I mention it? to ask scientist investigate on this point. without a clear concept on the knowledge of a phenomena it is imposible to have a clear idea and analysis. Another point is that magma does not come up perpendicular directly with least distance to the earth surface, but, oblique with an angle. these rings move from south-west to north east and ring to next ring from east to west. As there was an earthquake in Haiti Port-au-prince, the magma channel over it became cool and obstructed and the magma converction was more active to west part. It means Golf of Mexico. Heat coming up makes critical water to mix with oil. the wapor is more dangerous than usual. You know anything drop in hot water create foam and a greater volume and eruption. It is recommended to dig slowly when nearby is active. You can dig slowly and with several other wells as releaser of heat or gas, of course guiding the heat or gas for consumption. It is better than a greate pollution. The magma passing under the oceans hurt a concave surface under the oceans water. that is reflecting and for example we see why the New Zealand separate from Austria. First the reflection heat a region and makes a flault and later this reflection makes it to move further. anyhow a hypothesis. BP has, now, near Louisiana State, the control of a polluting well. When the oil is near the end of exploitation, what remain, more and less, is the sea water in the reservoir. They have to install some devices after this period to know the evolution of further developments. In Iran the same happened but in smaller scale. Last day earthquake of Tabass, then Jandagh, and today Eevankay. the rings are moving to west. The Iceland eruption cooled a little bit the athmosphere, but we have to take care for next two years as sun activity is increasing. last winter was summer of southern hemisphere and the ring of magma convection reached the Haiti in Northern hemisphere. Geomagnetism lags the sun activity and it should be taken in consideration as well. What I said, might be partly wrong, but, take care, please.


Hamid Sadeghipour

                                                                                           Date: 20-5-2010

There are several earthquakes occurring in the off coast of Northern Island of New Zealand from 15th May to today 20thMay 2010. The magnitude is from 2.5 to 4.6 and in the depth of 5 kilometers. I read that the people living in the coast are worrying about what happens finally. The events are as follows: 8 earthquakes happen in 5 km depth from 2.5 to 4.6 and an earthquake comes with 3.1 Richter with the depth of 100km. Again 4 earthquakes occur with magnitude of 4.3 to 3.7. And an earthquake of 3.7 Richter occurs with depth of zero. Then 6 earthquakes of 3.5 to 3 Richter occur. I try to explain you how you can predict more and less the next event. Now the summer has ended in Southern Hemisphere and magma is on the end of his power. Do not forget the north hemisphere and Iceland eruption that could be caused by Southern magma movement. 8 earthquakes in the beginning might obstruct the vents of magma. Then, the magma from the deep zone erupts to open the way. Again 4 earthquakes occur in 5km depth and an earthquake occur in zero depth. Why? Because, the energy comes up from 100 km depth to 5 km depth. After that this energy is released to the surface. Then 6 other earthquakes occur. Now how to predict the next events:

You can separate in this case the 5 km depth earthquakes. We draw two perpendicular lines as two coordinates. On one line you can take the dates. 6 centimeters allocated for each day. Then, each cm shows 4 hours. You can begin this coordinate by 14thMay and stick side by side four A4 papers to have enough space. On the other line you take the magnitude. Here, you can begin by 2 Richter instead of zero. Now, each earthquake has two numbers, one the magnitude and one the date. Find on these points on your coordinates. Connect them. Now you can analyze these lines like people from stock exchange analyzers. The simplest way is to connect the middle of these traced lines with a pen of another color and extend the line beyond the intersecting line. Look at the new lines the last one might goes up or down. Compare the line with similar precedent lines. The point after the similar line shows a stronger earthquake? Please, study moving average in internet, in statistics, or stock exchange analysis books. Try to take care of depth and separate data. Good luck.

Hamid Sadeghipour

                                                                                                              Date: 28.05.2010

When we look at the sea, we can recognize the waves, similar to sine waves in some aspects. On the ground as well, the waves are forming due to some strong forces, but with a much, much less speed. The world population is increasing and to optimize everything, it is worth to invest on what in the past was useless or with the lack of necessary technologies. I am the manager of a farm for nearly 19 years. Recently, the local authorities constructed a small dam on one of the valleys near the farm to prevent the flood. This valley is in the north- south direction. I have to mention a bridge connect two points rigidly and might accumulate stresses. A dam does not allow two parts or hills of a valley move toward each other. Recently, we had some earthquakes in Firoozkooh, where the farm is located. Now we have earthquakes in Shahmirzad south-east of this region. Like the accordion   shape pipes we install between piping installations, we have to insert these extra accordion shape parts into our bridge or dams. We have to pay attention more on huge constructions even.  I constructed a dam next to this valley in another valley, ten years ago, but, at that time we had a lot of cut trees branch from our garden that we buried them under a dam. Then too much free space under it. I might be wrong in the case of Shahmirzad, but we have to take care of our constructions and the  rigidity and strength  of the structure locally is not enough.



Hamid Sadeghipour


Nowadays, writing on earthquake is like writing on the warming of the atmosphere. Of course, there are great efforts to reduce the impact. But, the conflicts are taking much of our efforts. Someone says it is almost due to personal interest conflicts, rather than a social conflict. We have to take the care of others. The journal of Iran astronomy has published the pictures of night sky for the first half of the July tree weeks ago. There is the gathering of plants at nearly 21 July. Nobody says we have to prepare ourselves for the event that begin much sooner. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when we are facing some catastrophe like Golf of Mexico, how we should stay silent due to ethical criterion? When we look to Iceland eruption, Golf of Mexico, or Haiti earthquake, we see the line I mentioned in my recent article. This line passes nearly in the distance of a quarter of the equator diameter from tectonic continental borders. If you look to a cut from a tomato you see three lobes. Then, the Western Europe, specially, Greece and Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia are on anther lobe.  I would like to say when these borders are active they trigger a stronger convective movements. As I see more points becoming hotter and by entering summer soon in the northern hemisphere, we have to work on these borders and cool them before they make some damages. For example, some worry about Greece, as a strong earthquake will damage European economy and in consequence the world economy. Let be more gentle toward ourselves.

Hamid Sadeghipour


I have to mention two points regarding my last articles:

1-    I told you I bought a used and second hand book in one of my recent article. I disinfect such books by deodorants, aftershave, alcohol or disinfectant sprays. But it is clear you should never buy any used your- hygiene- related good like a towel or underwear. Even something mechanical, or electrical and electronics related to your personal security. I mention Yahoo site for his very good article in this regard

2-    Another thing is when you cool down a fault by for example geothermal wells or something else, you should take care of effects after cooling. If you cool some places you approach due point for rain and could result to flood. But, if you do not you might have earthquakes and woods and shrubs fire. The best is to have an international seismic program and help of weather organizations.


Hamid Sadeghipour


We had Haitian earthquake, Iceland eruption, then Mexico Gulf oil spillage and later Arizona fire in woods, in northern hemisphere, and flood in Var region in France. In the southern hemisphere, Rio de Janeiro flood, later more in the north east of Brazil another flood. Therefore, we have to wait, maybe, another flood in the north of the second flood in South America. What we see in these floods are the cities or villages built on the bottom of Collins or beside the rivers. The homes of 40000 people were destroyed in recent flood of Brazil. We see people with regular flood in their region have technical precautions like channels and embankments, something like 10 meters high of gravel along the river. When you have such damage, it is good to prevent it. It seems to me we have to install beside the seismograms some geomagnetism measuring devices as well. And these devices be connected to weather organizations too. We had at the end of Iceland eruption some only smokes. Something was burning, but no magma. A nap or layer of hydrocarbons is becoming enough hot to burn. In the Var region of France or north east of Brazil as well some latent burning might happens. You see in the regions of the flood a reduced layer and more near magma. There is another theory that is saying it is like pistons of a motor, one goes down, columns of magma, and the other goes down. Or both phenomena are simultaneous. Anyhow In Var region you have gray Calcareous stones. Gray due to carbon content and latent burning could happen. Therefore, gas detection could be a mean to predict cooling of the soil.