The Faults and slopes, for the correction of the article, see please, next article

Hamid Sadeghipour                 

               Date: 24.01.2018

If we compare two earthquakes of second September 1679 of 8 Richter of Sahne- Pinggu near Beijing, China and that of 23rd January 2018 of Gulf of Alaska of 7.9 Richter: 2018.01.23 – 1679.09.02= 338.04.21 nearly 123558 days , equal to 2x3x20593.

20593 is a first number. Therefore, what happen in the of Alaska is related with coast of china in the east of Beijing. I mention this to take your attention to the fact every earthquake is not related to the slope of a mountain but to the movement of the tectonics plates as well. It is evident many seismologists worked on the concept of faults intensively and we have to appreciate their efforts. I mention these lines for avoiding some confusions if it is in your mind. For example, two side of a fault can have friction toward each other and changes of heat inside the soil can have crystallographic consequences. Or, the water washing effect on both sides of a fault can weaken the soil structure of a fault. Therefore the mountain above the fault goes inside the fault and slope increases. You can reinforce the fauts as I mentioned in some of my earlier articles. You can inject the diluted concrete, or connecting both sides the amortizing devices. We have very great specialists in this field you can refer to their works.