The recent earthquakes in the east and west of Iran+ Santa Barbara

Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent earthquakes of Iran show us a theory as follows: As the slope of a mountain change due to tectonics movement (very few fractions of a degree but becoming important after the years), the weight of the mountain toward the his foot changes. Believe the mountain sinks and immerses in the soil at his foot and suppose the angle at his foot is 30 degree. When the depth of the earthquake is 10 km, then, the, distance of the earthquake epicenter to the foot, according to trigonometric rule for a triangle of having an angle of 30 degrees, is 20 km.

Another supposition might be the fraction in a mountain. This fraction or fault in a mountain makes his own weight and is not the whole mountain weight. In Kermanshah province, the earthquakes have two natures. One has the origin of petroleum reservoirs. Another is the weight of the mountain. I explained in my precedent articles how to reduce the effects of weight of a mountain.

In Kerman province, the earthquakes happen in different regions and mountains and you have to reduce the effects, in one after another region during the current year, to reduce the compacts, and the next years.

Take, please, for example, the south of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara mud flow. They have to reduce the temperature regularly due to constant Ocean pressure to American Soil. The temperature makes a cleavage and separates the two parts of the soil. Another suitable action is to install wherever necessary, the armored concrete piles to avoid sliding of the soil and consequently the mud. You can cover them with fences over the soil. When a hill is dry, you can measure several points on the hill and see the evolution of the slope. Your experts making and building skyscrapers, ships or other structures should compute the situations