Some proposal on Kerman and Karaj earthquakes

Hamid Sadeghipour

                       Date: 22.12.2017

Sartre writes in his book “what is the literature” that writer writes for every potential reader, for the universe. When you write about the earthquakes you might hurt some interests and even some security people might attack you because you are saving their enemies. But, I tell them what do you do if the something similar happens to you as well? As an example, I can mention Japanese last great tsunami that destroyed heavily a region. Therefore, we have to take care.

For the Kerman province recent Kuhpayeh city earthquake, I wrote about the big mountain being separated from southern mountain in Sistan- Baluchestan Province. However this earthquake is not on the mentioned mountain, but recently another one happened in the adjacent mountain. Kuhpayeh is related to the mentioned mountain by some mountains. Every move of this mountain might trigger the adjacent mountains move besides their own move. Therefore, to connect each two mountains by placing big and thick bars forcing them into the soil and connecting with som metallic ropes. By the way, don’t forget to connect the mountains in north and south side, bot sides, if their movement direction is north- south.

For Karaj earthquake, we have a mountain separated from Alborz chain mountains. This mountain making some slide ends kin Mahdasht near Karaj. This small mountain has a complex situation. East and west of this small mountain end in some plain. These plains are washed by water in some soil layers and are sinking and can change the slope of this mountain on the both sides one day and should be fixed. To avoid movement of a mountain you should proceed, as a proposal, as follows. Certainly, a mountain finishes in the soil, somewhere in the plain under the soil. Let’s say you have to measure how deep it goes inside the plain. Suppose, please, the distance of 20 meter between some point in the plain to the mountain deep 4 meters. You can dig a well of diameter 0.5 meter to reach the bed rock. Then use a jackhammer concrete to drill a hole in the bed rock and place a thick metallic bar or a beam as high as the surface of the plain. Please, fill the hole with the concrete. You can construct a building using this technic. Make several of these piles side by side and some far from each group in the suitable places according to the directions of earthquakes movements and faults. Besides, you have to strengthen the washed soil layers with the piles and whatever your specialists tell you. It is the same for the mountains of Kerman province.7