The second half of 2010 some missing?

Hamid Sadeghipour

24.12.2010 sent me last week an article: Cascadia, if I am not making a mistake as I refer, now, to my memory, is a region of volcanic activity in the North- West of United States of America. This region includes North California, to Canadian British Columbia border. But, British Columbia in Canada is the continuation of Cascadia. Along this part of north- western part of North America, the basin of the Pacific Ocean goes under the American continent, a long subduction zone. It seems to me the geological history of the region plays a role. Between this western part and American continent and remaining part, long time ago there was a big and large fault, as animation of tectonics evolution of continents show. Magma came up, but te gap is closed later by pressures and we have present situation.

We have the same in Arabian tectonics continent and Iran. We do not know what was adjacent to Iranian part that went under Arabian part. Anyhow, the Hossein Abad earthquakes in south eastern of Iran, Kerman province, have the same situation as Cascadia. But why along the long contact of two parts, it happened in Hossein Abad?

We had Iceland eruption earlier in this year. The cloud of dust were scattered in the way of winds from the North Europe. We had the rain in India and Pakistan, and this part of the world became colder and we had contraction of the land in south east of Hossein Abad.

As this autumn was unusually warm, we had expansion of the Iranian part. If you look in the seismograms near the region, you see three sudden waves, creating a fault. Today, we had an earthquake of 3,5 Richter in Germany, showing the danger of the present situation. Therefore, the scientific society should take care and study more our present time.

Hamid Sadeghipour

                                                                                   Date: 11.12.2010

One of the main characteristics of our present time is rapid development of the science. We replace old methods by new one. For example, intensive installation of wind energy generators is really perplexing. It might avoid winds flows and we might have too much snow in North Western Europe. No body might think of next consequences in near or further future.   I am not now a farm manager, but I go to the farm, by the way. I heard from one of my colleague they are using instead of Ammonium Phosphate, a Bio Phosphate. What is now practiced, I believe, in Canada, USA, Indonesia, and more countries, as Iran recently. I always used a rotary seeder attached to tractor to spread the fertilizers. At that time there were opponents to this practice, claiming pollutant method. But you know phosphate is vital for the vegetables. My farm was always green, due to dust of fertilizers in the vicinity and we had more photosynthesis. Now, they use half of the amount in new methods and the phosphate goes directly into the soil. Phosphate is R1-O-P-O-R3 with two -O-R2 and -O-R4 on other sides, top and bottom. With the H2O and CO2 it might break to COOR1 to COOR4 and PO2R1, PO2R2, PO2R3, PO2R4. These salts are a little bit acidic and dissolve the dusts of the air and form a nucleus to rain. It is a supposition. I would like to say we have to use new technologies slowly and gradually and find a mechanism replacing the old one in some other respects we might neglect.  


Hamid Sadeghipour


I was studying mineral habits sent me two weeks ago. In his news letter. The characteristics of minerals like habit, luster, specific gravity and color,… help us to determine the kind of mineral. Later I studied rocks identification that I found out we have magma arriving under the ground or the crust, in different ways. It is concordant, or discordant. It means the intrusions of the magma are parallel to the ground layers and themselves or cut them and make intersections. The concordance could be convex or concave. And over the surface of the earth you see different shapes. As a convex it evaporates the gases in the middle and the ground comes up in the middle. As concave   it evaporates gases in the circle border of magma head and the ground is flat and river flows. Another form that intersects might be dikes.

By the time, I was looking to Iranian earthquakes. Near Abgarm of Qazvin we have a dike and in the south of Garmsar a convex one.

Later in last weak we had a scientific news I received by Scientific American. That a Lie algebras of dimension 248 and that E8 is any of several closely

 related exceptional simple Lie groups. For the dimension, I believe according to definition of dimension, we need two groups with different operation to define a space having dimensions. Anyhow what I understand from this discovery is that the world is made of 248 particles. In group of 8 members for each group, that all are 31 groups. Each group members can be transformed to each other by some operation. Like, we have elements nearly 110 elements and more to discover. In the article of E8- mathematics from Wikipedia you find Hasse diagram. If you have a set of numbers, each one greater