Second semi- strong earthquake of Kerman province

Hamid Sadeghipour

                       Date: 12.12.2017

There are several reasons for one phenomena to happen. My last article on Hojadk was on solar energy and pushing toward north and north-west. This is true. The Oman sea basin goes under Sistan- Baluchestan province, but something else also happen. In the beginning there was only one mountain in the south of the Sistan- Baluchestan province. By the movement of the India sub- continent and more pressure from the Indian Ocean, the basin of the Oman sea goes under the province and by making some slope toward the north, the mountain brake in the middle and northern part goes toward the north. As the pressure from the south is always present the northern part goes very slowly toward the north. The city of Bam is in the southern part and Hojadk on the northern part. What you can do, as a purpose is to dig the wells on the mountain like taking sample from mines and another in the lower part, placing some bars and welding them to have an enough long bars and connecting these two bars by stranded metallic ropes. You can see the mountain and lower part in the satellite map by two different colors. You can choose several point according to the direction of the earthquake in the land itself. You can add some shock absorber in these ropes to attenuate the shocks. Anyhow expressing myself could be helpful and always take care of several reasons and consult the experts. Another reason is at this time of the day most near planets were in the sky together, making some tiding effect.