Fire in the bushes and woods in Los Angeles (LA)

Hamid Sadeghipour             

Date: 10.12.2017

The fire in some area of Los Angeles being bushes,woods or forests shows maybe a fact I try to explain. These areas are facing the islands in the Pacific Ocean near the coast More and less). When you want to repair a puncture over your bicycle tire inner tube, you should follow a procedure you can find explanation in the internet. In the fourth step! You take the patch and peel the protective layer of the patch. It is a U movement for this layer. You can see, as well, when the North American tectonic plate goes over Pacific tectonic plate, you have a plate pushing toward the Pacific Plate, a layer or several on the top of the soil on the Pacific Ocean basin separate and make a U turn over itself like peeling the protective layer. This U is horizontal and not vertical. You know the soil is composed of layers. In the first instance of the collision of two tectonic plates, you might have some separation of some pieces of the land becoming and forming islands. These islands over the upper layer of horizontal U go farther toward west in the ocean, of course very slowly. This upper layer move over the lower layer or Pacific Ocean basin and by friction create heat. This heat warms the water and the air. To avoid this heat you should cool these islands maybe. I just propose and it depends to your experts and computations and models you create. We have Kish Island in Iran, or some islands on Greece or wherever you have fire in the coast, it could be useful.