Recent Kerman Province earthquake

Hamid Sadeghipour


Another time we had another earthquake in south Atlantic one or two days ago. Later this morning Kerman province earthquake in Hojadk. When we look to natural map the province in small scale we see a thick line connecting Bam to Hojadk. But b in large scale we see the bent mountains. In the Kerman Province we have the pressure from the Oman sea toward Northwest and in Bushehr, for example from Arabian plate toward the north and northeast. That is why we can see several bending of mountains in the east and southeast of Iran. For example you can see a reverse “V” shape mountain at the west of Hojadk.

Bam earthquake happened in 23rd December 2003 and 1st December 2017 an earthquake in Hojadk. The difference is with small adjustment = 5089.128 = 11.1x8x 11×5.21. It can show a relation between 2 earthquakes. Solar activity could be the causes. I think we have to cool down the earth. One place is mud eruptions near Oman sea, another could be Taftan volcano or hydrothermal installations or even I heard some petroleum reservoir could be found in the Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It is evident you need experts in these fields. Making the wells and cooling down the water by a mobile Chiller is another solution, even the water is not drinkable. What I mentioned some years ago.