Kermanshah Province earthquake and The Sun activities

Hamid Sadeghipour


In one of the newspaper after Kermanshah province earthquake, there was an article on the most important earthquakes of the region. One was, strong earthquake more than 7 Richter, Silakhor (near Borujerd) on 23 January 1909. The difference between 13.11.2017 and 23.01.1909 is 39738 days = 3580x 11.1. It shows the relative solar cycle of 11.1 years. You can see on the natural map of Kermanshah province natural map, two ancient craters, showing the history of the region. I was looking to sun activity yesterday, on the sun, there was two radius lines! forming a very narrow angle, same as the direction of the line connecting a point in Poland showing an earthquake to a point in Bulgaria showing an earthquake. It could be coincident parameters. One possibility for Tehran is 11.1x 5 =55.5 years. If you add to first September 1962 of Booinzahra earthquake 100 km far from Tehran it makes March 2018. If we pass this March safe, again in 2029 there would be a danger of the earthquake. I have anyhow mention the possibilities and you should just to take care, as I saw an alarm to Tehrani recently. It is not to worry but they repeatedly mention that earthquake in Tehran is late to happen. Of course, around Tehran and in Tehran mostly is constructed and most of the danger to have avalanche effect of some parameter is far from happening.