More explanation for Kermanshah province earthquakes

Hamid Sadeghipour


Last time I had some note to write down the article more complete, but I lost it. The problem in Kermanshah province is divided to several parts. Let us begin by karst water. The karst water wash the soil and creates underground caves and in the time of an earthquakes they collapse. By Schlumberger methods you can detect them in the area people live. The other problem is the subduction of Arabian tectonic plates under the south- western Iran. As I said in my last article in Iran the land goes up due to heat created by subduction. We can reduce the heat by geothermal installations or reduce the height of mountain. To reduce the height we can use mining by using the horizontal sample taking perpendicular to the mountain. Or to make the tunnels and after the emptying the tunnel to let the soil comes down. you can use a pipe that has the connected bars. When the works are finished you pull the connected bars to let the tunnel collapse. This method can be used everywhere, certainly with the help of experts. The third one is the folding of oil or petroleum reservoirs. They say it is folded because we the oil in the surface. Well, what happens when the folding is broken like mountains and oil penetrates in the vicinity. If it arrives to hot region, the frontier of subduction having at least 400 degree centigrade, it increases the volume and explodes. The curve of increasing height might be like a attenuation curve and going further from the center we see less height for adjacent curves. It is anyhow a problem of experts in petroleum industries and developing a suitable policy in this regards.