The Iran- Iraq border recent earthquake

Hamid Sadeghipour


Last week there was another earthquake in south-west of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Every time we have an earthquake in this area, we have an earthquake in south of Iran, later. There is an earthquake in the central America as well. It seems to me the earthquake of south west of Africa pushed both sides. When African continent is pushed, it pushes Saudi Arabian tectonic plate to move toward south of Iran. The places in Iraq like Sulaymaniah to Baqubah and east of Kuh-e-takht are in this Arabian plate pushing toward north- east. The land over is lifted up and did mountainous area. Even, separated the mountains of the region. You have and a big fault in the north of Marivan,. The mountain is creating a narrow valley as I see only on the map. The beginning of this fault is Khav small city. We have to connect or to bridge these two parts of nearly northern part and southern part. You can take several sample like mining deep in the rock and fill with steel in each part and connect two side with several stranded steel. I think it needs engineering computation to   avoid later disruptions and displacement of the event. Once, it is done, the aftershocks and future earthquakes are reduced.