Articles of the second half of 2010


Hamid Sadeghipour

24.12.2010 sent me last week an article: Cascadia, if I am not making a mistake as I refer, now, to my memory, is a region of volcanic activity in the North- West of United States of America. This region includes North California, to Canadian British Columbia border. But, British Columbia in Canada is the continuation of Cascadia. Along this part of north- western part of North America, the basin of the Pacific Ocean goes under the American continent, a long subduction zone. It seems to me the geological history of the region plays a role. Between this western part and American continent and remaining part, long time ago there was a big and large fault, as animation of tectonics evolution of continents show. Magma came up, but te gap is closed later by pressures and we have present situation.

We have the same in Arabian tectonics continent and Iran. We do not know what was adjacent to Iranian part that went under Arabian part. Anyhow, the Hossein Abad earthquakes in south eastern of Iran, Kerman province, have the same situation as Cascadia. But why along the long contact of two parts, it happened in Hossein Abad?

We had Iceland eruption earlier in this year. The cloud of dust were scattered in the way of winds from the North Europe. We had the rain in India and Pakistan, and this part of the world became colder and we had contraction of the land in south east of Hossein Abad.

As this autumn was unusually warm, we had expansion of the Iranian part. If you look in the seismograms near the region, you see three sudden waves, creating a fault. Today, we had an earthquake of 3,5 Richter in Germany, showing the danger of the present situation. Therefore, the scientific society should take care and study more our present time.

Hamid Sadeghipour

                                                                                   Date: 11.12.2010

One of the main characteristics of our present time is rapid development of the science. We replace old methods by new one. For example, intensive installation of wind energy generators is really perplexing. It might avoid winds flows and we might have too much snow in North Western Europe. No body might think of next consequences in near or further future.   I am not now a farm manager, but I go to the farm, by the way. I heard from one of my colleague they are using instead of Ammonium Phosphate, a Bio Phosphate. What is now practiced, I believe, in Canada, USA, Indonesia, and more countries, as Iran recently. I always used a rotary seeder attached to tractor to spread the fertilizers. At that time there were opponents to this practice, claiming pollutant method. But you know phosphate is vital for the vegetables. My farm was always green, due to dust of fertilizers in the vicinity and we had more photosynthesis. Now, they use half of the amount in new methods and the phosphate goes directly into the soil. Phosphate is R1-O-P-O-R3 with two -O-R2 and -O-R4 on other sides, top and bottom. With the H2O and CO2 it might break to COOR1 to COOR4 and PO2R1, PO2R2, PO2R3, PO2R4. These salts are a little bit acidic and dissolve the dusts of the air and form a nucleus to rain. It is a supposition. I would like to say we have to use new technologies slowly and gradually and find a mechanism replacing the old one in some other respects we might neglect.  


Hamid Sadeghipour


I was studying mineral habits sent me two weeks ago. In his news letter. The characteristics of minerals like habit, luster, specific gravity and color,… help us to determine the kind of mineral. Later I studied rocks identification that I found out we have magma arriving under the ground or the crust, in different ways. It is concordant, or discordant. It means the intrusions of the magma are parallel to the ground layers and themselves or cut them and make intersections. The concordance could be convex or concave. And over the surface of the earth you see different shapes. As a convex it evaporates the gases in the middle and the ground comes up in the middle. As concave   it evaporates gases in the circle border of magma head and the ground is flat and river flows. Another form that intersects might be dikes.

By the time, I was looking to Iranian earthquakes. Near Abgarm of Qazvin we have a dike and in the south of Garmsar a convex one.

Later in last weak we had a scientific news I received by Scientific American. That a Lie algebras of dimension 248 and that E8 is any of several closely

 related exceptional simple Lie groups. For the dimension, I believe according to definition of dimension, we need two groups with different operation to define a space having dimensions. Anyhow what I understand from this discovery is that the world is made of 248 particles. In group of 8 members for each group, that all are 31 groups. Each group members can be transformed to each other by some operation. Like, we have elements nearly 110 elements and more to discover. In the article of E8- mathematics from Wikipedia you find Hasse diagram. If you have a set of numbers, each one greater than last one, in a finite set, you can draw a diagram. By the way, the Wikipedia founder is asking for your contribution. If you refer yourself to his site offer the site some 20 dollars as minimum to let this site to survive.

The Hasse diagram of E8 is like a dike cross section. I would like to say the nature of magma has the root in nuclear reactions of matter.

I remember when I was student in Seattle, Washington State, USA, in winter of the year 1978; the nights were cold and the days warm, and no snow at that winter. I stayed nearly one year in USA, but later we had the Mount St. Helen eruption.

We are experiencing the same in Iran and as, in the two next years, we are going to see the higher activity of our sun, it is good to take care. Observing from near the volcanic activity around Iran and reduce heat if necessary to avoid a strong earthquake. We have in Golestan Province the fire in the woods as well as Israel.



Hamid Sadeghipour 


Some years ago I had a course on Preventive Maintenance with piezoelectric sensors to control the vibration of factory machineries. Usually machines have natural frequencies and resonance. When we have unusual vibration it is due to malfunction of the machine. A network can detect the vibration by sensors and compare with predetermined vibration to detect the cause. For example a damaged ball bearing has a special vibration in a machine. There are some companies offering such services. It is the same for mines. You can create a network of sensors in a mine and monitor it by a computer. Even, without earthquakes, when there are some occurrences of crack or fissure   by any causes you can find out and detect it.

We had recently two nearly semi-strong earthquakes in south of Garmsar and the other near the coast of Persian golf kurdeh. Both occurred near 16th O’clock. When Saturn goes down and Pluto is in the middle of sky and in the east of the sky there is no other important planet. Nearly four tenth of the sky is empty. An unbalance transferred to the earth, where the heat helps magma to come up and to help tectonics pressures. Besides, and in the night almost all of the sky is empty. Anyhow this is true for Tehran and most of Iran.   The planets reflect the sun and warm the earth. But, cold sky precipitates all the humidity and no clod formation during the nights. The heat balance is a difficult problem. It can causes floods as well as drought. I hope it would end soon.



Hamid Sadeghipour


When we have some earthquakes in some region, it is clear we have to take care for near by mines. It could be in Chile, in NZ or elsewhere we have to examine them after earthquake for future damage as you had the Christ Church earthquake and aftershocks. You have to check for cracks or fissures in all of your mines even open pit ones, or old, waste, left, as land slide, fire or explosion is a danger itself. You can, for example, use ultrasound devices on the walls of the mines to find cracks. Certainly today engineering has the necessary tools.















Hamid Sadeghipour


Someone commented on my site asking how I write my articles. Some decades ago there was a theme of “ the society of hobby” predicting the future will offer us life without working and everyone can do whatever he likes, and the robots will work instead of you. To write express a need or satisfy it. Today we can make documentaries and movies. To be a director or an artist needs some special school background. If you take the example of a horse; the new born begin to walk nearly immediately. The human being takes his time to learn walking. The education of a child takes a long time. The Primary school to high school and later university takes humanity far from working. Now, in France, the government imposes a later retirement, or in England reduction of higher education budget.

In my point of view the future should be “Society of Education”. More we study we solve our problem easier. Maybe in immediate time the economic situation is not favorable, but we have to plan future with automation and less work, but not hubby that has not economical return. Governments should offer more and more facilities for higher and prolonged education. That is how they reduce the employment impact in an economical way. Of course we have to reduce the impact of examines but control of student work to be vigilant.

Hamid Sadeghipour


In a recent Scientific American, they mention other planets, beside of famous ones, present in our solar system. The important planets due to their weight, volume, visibility are classified. But we have planets with less weight, volume and much far from us. I list some of them for people interested in their potential role in the earthquake occurrence. Almost, all of them are not near the fissure of Milky Way, but it is good to know for future.

1- Ceres in Asteroid belt with Orbital radius of 2.77 AU, orbital period of 4.60 years often within constellations away from the Zodiac.

2- Veruna  in Kuiper belt with orbital period of 284.2 years often within constellation of Gemini till year 2015.

    3-Haumea in Kuiper belt with Orbital radius of 43.34 AU, orbital period of    

         285.4 years within constellation of Boeotes.

    4- Quaoar in Kuiper belt with orbital period of 282.8 years within   

          Constellation Serpents.

    5-  Makemake in Kuiper belt with Orbital radius of 45.79 AU, orbital period  

           of  309.9 years near the border of Taurus and Auriga.

    6- Sedna located in Edgeworth- Kuiper belt with Orbital radius of 523 AU,    

           orbital period of 11970 years often within the constellation Cetus near   

           the constellation Taurus.

    7- Eris located in Scattered with Orbital radius of 67.67 AU, orbital period of 557 

          years within the constellation Cetus.

    8- Ixion located in Kuiper belt with orbital radius of 39.6 AU, orbital period of   

         248.6 years within the constellation Ophiuchus.

You see almost they have long orbital period and stagnant in the sky or very far. Just I mentioned to take care for the future.

Another interesting point is the transfer of each earthquake to another point. We had several earthquakes near the South Pole in the Indian and Pacific. If you calculate the distance and time between occurrences, you find out the influence of the waves and P-waves to transfer the energy of the earthquakes to another place.

Therefore, please, try to avoid firing missiles or rockets even toward oceans or desert lands, especially big ones. One earthquake of intensity 4 in New Zealand was the result of 6.3 Richter earthquakes in the Ocean. And Faryab earthquake in the south of Iran might be the result of recent oceanic earthquake brought by P- waves or ocean waves.


Hamid Sadeghipour


There are some similitude between several points on the Earth and the fissure of Milky Way. For example the sea between Indonesian islands and Sumatra Island might have a similitude. The point of occurrence of earthquake with intensity of 7.7 Richter   is like the place of Altair from constellation Aquila. When we have the earth and some object near it, we use Newton formula for gravity and acceleration near 9.8, we can not use it for the whole solar system. The solar system has a complex gravity like an atom nucleus. It has the Weak and the Strong gravity. You know “Pluto” has a sidereal period of 247 years and 249 days while for the earth is 365.256 days. Pluto moves slowly in the sky 10.5 days for a minute of a degree in the sky. As the solar system and his planets move over the sky, it changes the gravity of our nearby Milky Way. It is a possible explanation of after shocks! But, please, do not forget the well of the energy.

Another explanation of coincidence of Merapi volcano eruption in Indonesia and the earthquake with 7.7 Richter intensity is a tectonics cause. There is a rectangular from Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean. The right side is a long ridge from New Zealand to Tonga and Samoa Islands. The left side is a ridge in Indian Ocean in the north near Sumatra and in the south parallel to and far from Australia. New Zealand is located in the right down corner of this rectangle, and Sumatra is on the left up corner. On both point we have oil and gas production.

Another explanation is to mention India Subcontinent collision with Asia continent. India is a high land and the collision surface between two parts is large. Why we have Himalaya or transfer of Alborz mountains range to Afghanistan. The same is in the thrust fault of Sumatra. You can see an enough high mountain under water on the tectonics border of two parts. By forcing each other, a layer under existing layers appears. The heat is cooled or emphasized by changing seasons. Now the southern hemisphere is in the second month of spring and in the north hemisphere we are right now ending the summer.

How to solve the problem? Here, you are. If I find a solution, I write it for you.    


 Hamid Sadeghipour


We have the expression “particle energy well”. It means we need enough energy to take the particle from this well to release energy. When I speak on Pluto and his effects on earthquake, I would like to say Pluto helps to release energy in some depth of the earth, and  it is not alone responsible for acting in this regards. It is a kind of problem solving with others, a proposition. I take my interlocutors as organizations with developed analysis capabilities. Of course, individuals might be passive and just future contributors.  When we see the similitude of California Golf fault with Milky way fissure shape, it might be just an hazard, but we can mention for further studies. When I mention we add 20 tons of heavy red soil to some agricultural land, you can take some sample from your land and the heavy soil mine and ask a laboratory to analysis both of them and recommend the necessary amount. But, when you are facing a land near a fault, for immediate cure you can add some tons to fill the porosities. If you have time and you can make a model of your fault, it is better to add it in a manner to satisfy the geometry and other specifications. These are scientific methods that should to be taken as important and not the subjects of the science.


Hamid Sadeghipour


I am sorry for the mistake I mentioned morning for the lack of planets on Paris sky for the morning. Its for the evening from 4 O’clock PM. For Pluto or other planets we can lunch auto pilot shuttles far enough from the earth to follow the movement of that planet and create a magnetic field to disturb the cosmic rays it deviates.




Hamid Sadeghipour


Recently I installed starry night software. I can see the exact position of planets over may places, like Athena, Paris , Auckland , and so on. When you see recent Greek earthquake with intensity of 4.7 you see Pluto, with some other planets, in the middle of the Milky Way fissure. Let’s see what might happen. The galaxies beyond this fissure are shining through this fissure. We take ones who shine directly. This fissure acts as a lens and Pluto deviates these cosmic rays and makes a focal point on the earth.  We had in Christ Church earthquake, the same situation, Pluto alone in the sky when earthquake happened in Christ Church .  In Paris , France , during these days, there are demonstrations against retirement on the age of 60 instead of 62. More and less, there is the lack of planets in the morning sky. The planets like the moon have some gravity and causes tides. The brain might have more volume. But when they are not present in the sky, the blood pressure in the brain goes higher and causes anger. We might be aware of ourselves and know what happens to us. It is good we take something warm in the beginning of the morning and some warm tea during the morning in these days   to increase the volume of the brain, some more. I do not know the effect of the alcoholic drink. It is good your physicians recommend some diet for these days. This situation is not valid for other countries as the sky is not the same as France . What In say might be funny and ridicules but it is a possibility and please, take care. For people in France , if we take the active population from 18 years old to 60 and 62 nearly 32 millions people. During next 40 years we have a difference of 64 millions of people, in average,  working or not working.  It is like taking metro. Would you like to wait the metro to become less crowded? It is the same The French people will loose 64 million people work, and specially skilled work in next 40 years ahead. The question is what you can build with such a main d’oeuvre? When the metro is overcharged, the government should build more lines and more trains for transport. Of course, if you over charge a plane your plane might crush. It is a decisive act. Therefore you have to study more the question and give yourselves more time.



Hamid Sadeghipour

Date: 09.10.2010

When we construct highways, it is the sign of society development. In two bands, frequent traffic mountainous road, to be safe you need to stay behind a truck for minutes. But the problem with highways is the limiting speed. As a psychoanalyst mentioned some decades earlier we escape from our freedom. I would like to say as we make a union with others we develop our society and we have to respect the limits this freedom brings us. Showing Authority to others to stop them doing wrong is a problem of human mental development may be we pay less attention as we pay attention to economy and industry.

Now let us see when this union might endanger and the rights of a member. The planets with the moon were present in the day light on last Friday. That is why we had some earthquakes around the world. It is clear we can not change this mechanism. But, it is possible to see the faults around the point we had the earthquake, and try to fix it in some manner by injecting concrete, making some walls or channels to reinforce or release energy, etc. A good example is recent unprecedented Bulgaria earthquake. I saw some three weeks ago the importance of position of moon and planets on the earthquake occurrences. When moon appeared four weeks ago from south every night and ascended to north little by little. All the earthquakes were concentrated on only Pacific Ocean some four weeks ago. By the Moon and the Jupiter motions the earthquake appeared in Asia and Eastern part of Central America .

I told you in one of my articles I was a farm manager for a while. Some fifteen years ago, I had to take care of a apple garden of fourteen hectares. The head of Agricultural services department of the region paid a visit to the garden and advised to mix some red soil on the foot of and shadow of each tree. We had red soil mines around the region and I ordered some trucks of red soil. The gentleman told me this kind of the soil is heavy and bear some iron. As we irrigate the trees the soil on the shadow of the tree is washed away under ground and becomes porous. The water is not kept irrigated and the plant wilts. Nine years ago, I decided to use red soil to improve the soil of a piece of land with two hectares area. I ordered two trucks of twenty tons of read soil and I spread over that area. I planted wheat and the harvest was normal. As the culture I planted potatoes in the next spring in the same land. The stem of wheat or straw remained intact. This straw penetrated the potatoes and the harvest was a disaster. Potatoes were plenty of holes of straws. I left this peace of land for a year and as Alpha Alpha is resistant to heavier soil I planted Alpha Alpha. The soil became fertile and even today it is fertile. Now with the red sludge in Romania , you can add in every hectare of contaminated soil some tons of agricultural soil. You can add some hundreds of kilogram of gypsum as well to each truck of agricultural soil. You bring and spread this new soil over the contaminated soils. There will not be evaporation of sludge and the rain of autumn and winter will drain it to underground layer and in tree years you will have a fertile soil. The nature forces are much stronger than us but we can remedy some of them.

Hamid Sadeghipour


As aftershocks in Christchurch of New Zealand continue I noticed, last day, the sedimentation on the shores of these Islands and it reminded me that usually such sediments bear Gas and Oil reserves. I did a research on internet on Gas and Oil reserves in New Zealand . On the south east of northern Island there are exploration and exploitation since 2007. The important thing is just in front and near the wells digging you have a beautiful volcanic mountain. I mentioned in my article about the fire in forests and bushes of Russia that the coming up magma could cause a fire. It can trigger earthquakes if stronger in the area. It is necessary to reduce exploitation or the rate of exploitation till return of the normal situation. I told the New Zealand institute for seismology that a danger for Auckland with constant spectral activity could be dangerous. The constant low intensity impact of magma as volcanologists believe might end to stronger activity.

Brazil as well increased the budget to explore and exploit the oil and gas reserves in their nearby sea. Again, they might face the situation like New Zealand as they have in nearby tectonics borders. They should handle with care the case to avoid golf of Mexico oil pollution. Every country working with oil and gas exploration and exploitation should take care, as the elastic shocks might one day return again to themselves.

Hamid Sadeghipour

2010-09-20 American people, while fighting in the Middle East, are worried on their continent. It is a must the world agrees on the peace and does not support these wars. Then, we can pay more attention to our problems. On the Golf of Mexico and the north of South America we see several tectonics borders. As some lands disappear under some tectonic continents, the heat is released and later the same place cools down, and clouds appear. The hurricanes are formed. Besides, we see people are worried about, specially, San Andreas Fault. Some seismologists say Los Angeles might move some kilometers. There are many, many articles on San Andreas Fault in the internet sites and I do not enter in details. What I understand is as follows: We know the western part of the North America is mountainous. It is due to subduction of Pacific Ocean and American Continent. The ridges push and enforce the subduction The eastern part of north America is the rest of a landslide of Greenland and their separation. As the mountainous part is volcanic, it is constituted from harder igneous rocks. The pressure of tectonics plates forced the land to torn away. If you look to the northern part of San Andreas you see the fault is near the ocean with softer soil or ground texture. In the southern part it is farther from the ocean. As the subduction is present along this fault, it had too much released heat and the part beside the ocean has fallen. This is why when there is a pressure from some ridges, or too much released heat, some earthquakes happen and some parts fall more. It seems that Golden Gate bridge was a good solution to avoid some movement of the fault in San Francisco. Anyhow, constructions and using similar techniques without stress accumulations could reduce the impacts. As cooling some too hot places could be a solution to prevent the earthquakes, the injection of some heat into some part of the fault or near continental borders could be useful to control the formation of hurricanes. Live and let others live.

Hamid Sadeghipour 10.09.2010 Today, nearly 9 o’clock GMT, I was looking at European Mediterranean seismology center map of the Earthquakes during last two days. In the south, near the south of the Ionian Sea, in the Mediterranean Sea, we see the source of a lance. As I mentioned in my much earlier articles about supersonic jet, we can consider the left side of this hearth shape curve moving from south to north. One line connecting the points in the Ionian Sea showing Earthquakes to North Spain Earthquake. Another line is in the north of the last line, connecting the points in the Ionian Sea to the North of the France earthquake. The line north to this latter line is connecting to Albanian Earthquakes and one more northern line. It reminded me a news-letter from some weeks ago with a site on animation of tectonics Plates movements and evolution. In much earlier geological time there was no Black and Mediterranean Sea. It is like a fan (a folding device which when opened has the shape of a sector of a circle), that is opened. Now, it can be closed or vibrate (open-close positions on west side). If you look at Christ Church of New Zealand, at the most Eastern part of the Island, a half circle, where a strong earthquake happened and after shocks are continuing, we see the same. It is a source of the lance and a fan to open and close. You heard certainly about the gas pipe explosion of St. Bruno near San Francisco. In one of the pictures of the fire you see the flame like the southern part of Iran to Caspian Sea. The source is where the pipe is passing. There is a pipe of magma passing under the Christ church or South of Ionian Sea or South East of Damghan in Iran. These points are to cool, even in the Sea, but take care, please.

Hamid Sadeghipour 05.09.2010 The earthquakes of New Zealand from 1855 are a function of 11 years of solar activities. The universe is regular. But, sometimes, it is not very clear and seems to us very chaotic. It depends on the scale we face the phenomena. There are some tools we can approximate the behavior. In my last article as I told you, you can take an A3 size paper and choose the coordinates of magnitude and time. When you designate the points on the paper and connect them, you see only some broken lines. If you connect the middle of the lines you have he first moving average. This line is the first more rough approximation. If you connect the middle of new lines you arrive to second more rough approximation. When the changes are too strong and variant the approximation might become more regular, in some cases. In the present case, the second moving average show these aftershocks fade away. Of course, we are on the way of increasing solar activities and as I said it is necessary to cool down cautiously.

Hamid Sadeghipour 30.08.2010 If we look at Alborz mountains chain we see on the East of Damavand Mountain the chain is broken and dislocated with eastern part to the Damavand Volcano to south and eastern part of this mountain replacing it. Like you have 1 – 2 – 3 aligned and after eruption you have 1 — –3 and 2 goes under 3. As the part 3 moved to north west of his original place, the southern part of it separated and formed a narrow chain south to Alborz Mountains chain. During the millions of years the gap became wider and we see the semi- strong of earthquake of 74 km south-east of Damghan happens on the northern slope of this narrow chain. At the south slope of this chain we can see a fault. Before we go farther, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that everything in this world is somehow related. To be on the part of what is right is recommended by any ideology survived to our time. We had fire in the forests and shrubs of Russia because magma came up across the country. As a consequence, the width of this part shortened. We had the movement of north- western part of the fault on northern Khorrassan province. This earthquake sent a shock to part 3 of what I mentioned. Again, it send a shock to the fault on southern slope of narrow chain south of the recent Damghan earthquake. As an elastic shock it pushes the southern part of the fault and return to its place. The fault is oblique and as the southern part wants to close the gap something is separated and avoids the closure. The tectonics pressure of Saudi Arabian plate is huge and crashes everything, but before doing so the deep 6.5 and 8.5 km earthquakes, due to allowed now coming up magma, happen. Now the magma is present and end to stronger earthquake to release energy. It seems to me the moving average shows this region will have a stronger earthquake in future and then, goes to become calm. I would like to say if we had not the fire in Russia, we had less powerful earthquakes. It could be an urgent fact to cool down the earth in several part of the world according to some exact computation. I tried to take in consideration the depth and coordinate of the earthquake focus on a drawing. First I had a A3 size paper. I choose the point on the list of earthquakes the nearest points and not all the points. I draw two coordinates and for each day I take 1 centimeters in x- coordinates, and 6 cm for each Richter on y- coordinates beginning by 2.9 Richter as zero of y- coordinates. I choose earthquakes stronger than 2.9. I pointed all the focus locations on the paper. For each kilometer depth I considered 2 mm. Now on each point I added to y- coordinate the depth in millimeters. For example for 6.5 km depth I added 13 mm to y- coordinate of each focal point. Now, over each point I draw another coordinates. On x-coordinates, I designate longitudes beginning by 53 and each degree two centimeters. On y- coordinates, I designate latitudes beginning by 33 and each degree by two centimeters. Now, I find the coordinates of focus point on this new coordinate. I related the points and draw the moving average lines. The second moving average of moving average fades away. You can use it for your region and prove it right or wrong. You can recommend the method or derecommend it. This is a method to prove and work more on this subject or not.

Hamid Sadeghipour 24.08.2010 I studied the earthquake of August 11, 2010 in the North Khorassan Province at the date of occurrence. I had a look to EMSC report with new 3d map, but, I was waiting the Iran International seismology institute report. In this report we see the history of the earthquakes in this region. In the years of 1695, and 1923 two strong earthquakes happened. The interesting point in these two events is they happened in the lowest sun activity. Even, in the reports about 1695 is written: no open water was present in any direction around Iceland in 1695, during ” Little Ice Age (1650- 1700)”. And for the strong earthquake of the year 943 AD in August we have it in the near maximum solar activity like the recent earthquake. As I had a look to map and 3d map of the region, I saw a small lake in the north east of the region. It is the ice and water vapor as an increase in the volume, beside of the fault mechanism. If you can dig a well and install an air conditioning over the head you can cool or warm the fault to reduce the impact. Or digging the well and using a mobile air conditioning device. To detect the unrest of the region you have spectral measurement devices. Sometimes people asking me indirectly why I do not write on their region earthquake? Because, maybe I can not understand the case or it is a repeated article on what is said by me or others.

Hamid Sadeghipour 22.08.2010 On average of 65000 people as a city and suburbs, we can build a small air cleaning installation, nearly 100000 units for the world population. You can pump the air through several layers of dry filters and then pump into the water inside a u-shape pipe. You can remove and change the water when turbid and clean this water through nano filters and reverse-osmosis filters, to use again. Last year I received the following Journal for the article on Robotics. JANUARY 2007; WWW.SCIAM.COM; Down of the age of robots But, there was another article we might interest for: The Mississippi’s Curious Origin. The magma came up and later we had a sinking of the land and Mississippi river was born. With the fires in Russia we will face the sinking of the ground as well. It is clear, Russian recent fires is not the same and do not have the same force, and magma has not come up as strong as Mississippi case. Anyhow, we should take carte and till next summer install these air filtration devices to reduce the impact of atmosphere carbon dioxide content.

Hamid Sadeghipour 07.08.2010 When Gengis from Mongolia arrived to Iranian borders in the beginning of 13 century he won the battle with Iranian army, much stronger and more numerous. The reason was coherence of his army. Today we lack the coherence of our world toward our problems. We have good consulting companies around the world with sophisticated devices, but why we are unable to remedies the situations like Russian woods and shrubs fire, or North Pakistan flood. We know Russia is exploiting petroleum and gas in the East of Russia . Then they allow the magma comes up in the Eastern Part. As this Eastern Part goes under the Western Part, in the Ural Chain, the heat in the Western region goes up as well. We have the hot weather and drought, and a barrier to southern clouds. It makes the flood in the South, Pakistan . When I was student in Switzerland , some 38 years ago, in Physics, I had access to scientific books from European countries, United States and Soviet Union . The Russian are very good theoreticians. But, at that time they didn’t have commercialization of technology, then, the industry and technology were not successful. Now, with new organization of society and demand for petroleum and gas the European are for strong central government in Russia and some scientists do not cooperate. We do not have a coherent society. In the United States of America , as well the countries dealing with Americans ask for a strong central government, and many people do not cooperate. In North Pakistan, the Taliban was against the participation of women in the society, while we see in India , the Women are working in the construction industry. When you have a pool, anything you construct inside will be under water when you fill the pool. Some regions are like a pool. You have to make the tunnels and channels to transport the water. Even to construct a long channel after a tunnel to avoid another region flood. Why these strong consultants do not find a solution? The non coherence of the society is the core. Please, try to be more flexible and work together to avoid disasters.

Hamid Sadeghipour 02.08.2010 As I see the fire continuation in Russia, it seems to me to dig wells around the area of fires can cool the area. Therefore, they can drill wells even shallow.

Hamid Sadeghipour Date: 01.08-2010 While Tatarestan in Russia and North East of Los Angeles in USA burn in fire, flood damages buildings and kill people in Pakistan or in Iran by earthquakes, we have to remind us these catastrophes could be repeated or become stronger due to reason I mentioned in my recent articles. To make clearer I mention you an example: If you see the North of India you can see a chain of mountains. at western point of this chain, you see Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. I n the North of the region there are mountains once in the South of the Teheran Region. The Indian subcontinent pushed during the millions of years his northern part to the present point. What we see in the desert of North- East of Iran is a layer once under the mountain of mountains North of India. This pushing of India Subcontinent creates the earthquakes far in Ghazvin, Torbat Haydarieh or Khorassan or Kerman Provinces. Tatarestan is under Ural Chain Mountain. The Mexican tectonics part pushes California. To reduce stresses you have to exploit some energy in Pacific Ocean, or tectonics frontiers around the world, and more hydrothermal power plants around the world. Working in the areas with mud eruption could be a chance. Several Volcanoes in the North West of USA are distant from Los Angels or wherever an ancient or active volcano is around the world. Please, do not argue now they are far from the present disasters. It is clear the action should be carefully studied. But do not hesitate to act now.

Hamid Sadeghipour Date: 01.08-2010 While Tatarestan in Russia and North East of Los Angeles in USA burn in fire, flood damages buildings and kill people in Pakistan or in Iran by earthquakes, we have to remind us these catastrophes could be repeated or become stronger due to reason I mentioned in my recent articles. To make clearer I mention you an example: If you see the North of India you can see a chain of mountains. at western point of this chain, you see Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. I n the North of the region there are mountains once in the South of the Teheran Region. The Indian subcontinent pushed during the millions of years his northern part to the present point. What we see in the desert of North- East of Iran is a layer once under the mountain of mountains North of India. This pushing of India Subcontinent creates the earthquakes far in Ghazvin, Torbat Haydarieh or Khorassan or Kerman Provinces. Tatarestan is under Ural Chain Mountain. The Mexican tectonics part pushes California. To reduce stresses you have to exploit some energy in Pacific Ocean, or tectonics frontiers around the world, and more hydrothermal power plants around the world. Working in the areas with mud eruption could be a chance. Several Volcanoes in the North West of USA are distant from Los Angels or wherever an ancient or active volcano is around the world. Please, do not argue now they are far from the present disasters. It is clear the action should be carefully studied. But do not hesitate to act now.

Hamid Sadeghipour 25.07.2010 It seems to me there is an unclear situation over the weather. While in south hemisphere we have in some region an unusual cold weather. Contrary to this situation, we have, in north hemisphere, an unusual warm weather in some region. People believe the relief of heat, for example, by geothermal technique is dangerous, because it cools down the earth and winter become completely cold. We have to take care that cold in south hemisphere is due to eruptions in Iceland eruptions, Haiti earthquakes, Chile earthquakes and … If we do not cool down the earth, we will have an unusual heat discharge, like Iceland . Therefore, for example, in New Zealand , It is a rainy country and too much soil is washed away over and under the ground. This water might become ice and causes earthquakes. Then, it is to see the both side of a coin. We are not on a surface, but in 3 dimensions. It is necessary to cool the earth in summer, and warm the faults and karsts caves in winter by injecting warm or hot water into the ice to avoid increase of the volume, if necessary, with an international program.

Hamid Sadeghipour 17.07.2010 I have a Jeep since several years. Three times I had to change my axle shafts. When you apply strong impacts or excessive heat to axle, it breaks in two shafts. I was looking to Alaska, Aleutian Islands earthquakes, and I noticed the Pacific Ocean basin is formed from nonsystematic joints. I am certain it might be a geological fact discovered much earlier. These joints related to each other are interactive and work as a whole. This basin is turning very, very, slowly counterclockwise regarding American and Asian continents. The part around the point in Aleutian Islands the earthquake occurred is a piece joined to other pieces. The epicenters of the earthquakes in this region are center of this piece of Ocean basin (more and less). Strong impacts forcing torsion in the center? These joints transferred the stress to Papua with 7.5 intensity earthquake and aftershocks. Besides, you have several mild earthquakes, nearly, in center of the Pacific Ocean. It is noticeable, before Alaskan earthquakes, we had earthquakes in south of the Greece, a tectonics continent border. We have in Iran an earthquake near Alashtar, in a tectonically border like. It might be due to the tide caused by planets at this time; they lift up somehow some loose pieces of the land and disappear in the sky. May be you remember the Moon and one planet in North West direction, last Friday. When this couple was reaching the more western point of Aleutian Islands, they were pushing Pribilof Islands. The same way we see change of the direction with the winds against marine currents. To understand a phenomenon, first, we have to describe it.

Hamid Sadeghipour 07/07/2010 It was a recent study on the number of earthquakes per year, magnitude 4 to 4.9, in New Zealand . I ported the number of each year over the curve of solar activities for a period from 1975 to 2006 and superposed. On the attached picture there are three curves, the middle one is solar activities, the upper one the superposition of number of earthquakes with solar activity sunspots. On the bottom is the curve for each year number of earthquakes. The height of the superposed curve is increasing. It means in 2012-2013 we have a higher curve? Does it mean anything? If you have any idea, please, send me an email. to see curves ask me by email to send you. I can not upload it.