The magma convection Torus

Hamid Sadeghipour


When I see the lines over small scale earth-sphere with the map of countries on it, I see too much differences over two points, for example, over two points of southern Italy where a strong earthquake happened last month and Texas coasts wher a hurricane happened, or mombei flood at the same time. I connected the place of strong or strange earthquakes and hurricanes with lines over sphereic map. One solution could be to explain the phenomena. Suppose a torus above the equator inside the earth, magma convection, just adjacent to the earth above the equator. During the summer with torus of the south hemisphere, the northern one could go in a higher position and during winter comes down in a lower position. It is the same for southern hamisphere magma convection torus. The circles of torus turns around like a helice and as the earth turns toward the east, the circles bounding toghter, like a spring,  forming a torus turn toward the east. Certainly they takes amplitude afterr some times, but, they arrive to divergence of, for example, Atlantic ocean and they give their energy to the divergence and accentuate the divergence or somewhere like Mexico or Southern Italy, and leave somewhere cool like Texas. I mentioned in my other articles to dig a chain of the wells and cool down the earth according to data and computations with cautions.

You can see the picture of the spheric map I traced the lines in the instagram under the name of “hamidsadeghipour”.