Mexican Earthquakes and Ocean Current

Hamid Sadeghipour

                   Date: 24.09.2017

The recent earthquakes of Mexico, near Mexico City, might be due to several reasons. But, one could be the following: why the Australian continent has the tendency to move toward the equator? Maybe, the cold water the south pole is the reason of earthquake. In the case of New Zealand, I wrote about the cold water of south pole, and you can refer to them. The cold water, the ice, increase the volume of the water and it pushes the South America toward the north. Please, look at whole earthquake places, it is a curve that in some way is like the ocean current making a turn near Oaxaca. what could be done? Placing from today the pieces of wood or shock absorber between the South Pole and South America. Please, ask the New Zealander about? Of course, It might be ridiculous but anyhow a solution. There is Iranian proverb: If you cannot empty the ocean water, place taste it for your thirst. It would happen in the winter for north hemisphere, maybe, less strong