China and Philippines earthquakes

Hamid Sadeghipour


To be safe with the earthquakes we can first predict. In my before last article, I mentioned the influence of the stars, the group of stars and the constellations. They have roughly 15% influence statistically. The remaining part is due to the moon, the sun, the planets and smaller like meteors for some additional 5% to near 80 per cents in some cases. Another factor could be the length of the fault near to the place of the earthquake. It is to be found by statistical studies. Another one is the change of the slope under the place the earthquake is occurring. The geological considerations is the next important aspect. For example, the kind of soil, the depth of soil to the bed rock. The continental subduction with volcanic effects and slopes. May be a complex equation of several unknown and coefficient. You should work on it and publish the results. Maybe some mathematician interest himself by reading the article. Off course construction according to the rules and old building renovation could save many lives and investments. To construct the walls, roads, installations under the foot of the slopes and  avoiding the pressure of the mountains is another task. For two recent earthquakes of china, and today earthquake of Philippine, we can see two phenomena. One is the tectonics of Pacific plate under Asia plate forcing the land slops toward the south and creating Taiwan and Philippine islands in a land expansion as the Pacific plate goes under Asia plate, and in other direction, Pacific plate goes under Asia plate but toward west. This event is forcing the Himalayan eastern part to go to the south and then, creating the earthquake of north western china. Maybe it could be good to construct in the region near the pacific plate, like Minya Konka Mountain, something like some half circle installations, maybe a new city in the shape of half circle around the region. For Philippines maybe some bridge between islands with a intense computation.