The weather and seismology in the future

Hamid Sadeghipour


In the recent 16th July earthquake in the marine frontier of Greece and Turkey, we had the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus when sun had a eruption in the early morning. The war continues in Syria an Iraq with much more human and material damages, and political experts ask whether the middle east has a future? But, by what it follows we have to ask whether the world has a future?

The says the sun activity of 16th July avoided the cosmic rays to penetrate in the atmosphere and we need more sun activity. The anomaly of the temperature near African north west cost is more than normal. It means we more expansion of the soil in west and the continent push to east. I think we had too much effort to reduce the anomalies but it is not enough. In the other hand, we have a colder sun for winters. We are going to have more sun activities in the years ahead. Warmer weather but colder winter. Very difficult task not only for the earthquakes, but for Agriculture too. And, for next solar cycle, in 11 or 12 years. To cool down the warmer points with a industrial thermal exploitations, regulating petroleum exploitation, as it is said the petroleum companies are going to work in schist area in for example south America. It makes some magma under schist to come up. The petroleum companies are very big and cannot say later they wouldn’t know. Like what happened in the south of USA in the Louisiana to Texas coasts.