The Astrology and the Seismology

Hamid Sadeghipour   


For some reason, I had to travel to Paris. On the Seine river side, I found a book under the tittle of “L’Influence des Astres” (“The Asters Influence”) by Michel Gauquelin, psycholog in Paris University, published by Dauphin 1955. The book critics the earlier astrologers, for the reason, they were non- scientific and using the statistics abusively. But himself in the wrong direction too, in my belief. Anyhow some results as I found in this book or in the internet are evident. For example people born in some constellation and to die in the same constellation have double chance than to die in other constellation. Please, make a table. On each raw the name of a constellation and on each column the name of the same constellations. In each raw the intersection of the same constellation, the number of  people who die is double to the neighbors. It means the diagonal has the numbers double to the neighbors. Or some evidence that physicians are born under the planet Mars in the sky they are born. It could be like I explained for the constellations. For the seismology, I think we have the chance of finding the occurrence of the earthquakes, for a precise place or some region, in the same constellation or on the presence of some planets. Now we have computers and a lot of data to analyze statistically and find the double chance of the earthquakes during the presence of some constellations or planets in the sky. It could be the thesis of doctorates. By the time I found an old book in Teheran under the name of: Arthritis and Folk Medicine, written by Dr. D.C. Jarvis. In this book, the author mentions about acidity of the nutrition. He recommends to have not a diet of acid food and keep on balancing between basics and acids foods. Most fruits and vegetables, soy beans and tofu and some nuts, and legumes are Alkaline and promoting foods. Dairy, eggs, meat (we have to distinguish, fresh meat, dried meat, fish, chicken,… this is what the authors write and is in contradiction), most grains and processed food like canned and packaged , and snacks fall on acid side and are not allowed, or to consume in limited quantity. Sugar is acid, why for diabetics it is good to keep on acidity of foods. They should not take mustard for example, but avocado, herbal tea, nuts and seeds instead. why I mention it, it is  for the position of planets and constellations, again. As they change the position like elements with their position making  and forming acid, base or salt, the composition of planets and constellations could be good or bad. We cannot deny this influence and should try to understand their influence on earthquakes, storms, floods, diseases and natural disasters and etc.