The Planets and the prediction

Hamid Sadeghipour,


By chance, I bought Iranian journal, “Negah Nou” ( New Look), on social issue, winter, in the early 2017. In one of his articles, it was referring to Anvari an Iranian poet predicting nearly 830 years ago the assembly and gathering of the planets in the balance constellation and that the world ends at that time. But nothing happened. We have to know that like investment  in the finance we have two parts: one is the capital or saving and his interests when we open a saving account in a bank with less risk but with devaluation of value of money is risky too.   But, the other one is like  buying the gold and  has his own  fluctuations  and is highly risky and investing on both kinds in the same time lower the investment risks. Planets too, might have accumulation of tidal effects, like interests adding to initial money. Devaluation of the money makes it risky. By the other hand the kind of soil, solar activities,   makes   prediction much more risky. The problem I would like to mention is while by the cool and cold weather in the winter you might have flood due to cooling soil after coming up magma, at the end of spring and in summer if magma comes up, the danger of fire in the woods and shrubs goes high.