The planets on October 2009

Hamid Sadeghipour

             Date: 02.10.2009

Due to the presence of the moon and Jupiter, nearly side by side, during last week in the night sky, the recent strong earthquakes of Indonesia and Samoa were expected. Even some American experts relate Sierra earthquakes in North America to Samoa earthquakes. You can see on the world natural map, New Zealand has separated from Australia and this separation is to the north with some nuances beside China to Sakhalin. In Samoa, two parts of the pacific overlap each other and form a triangle. The weather around this part of the year emphasized the tide due to Moon-Jupiter. If you see the map of weather pressure around the world you see the pressure over Australia is reducing. For ocean currents, they become less strong as the temperature is increasing in southern hemisphere. In the Venturi tube as velocity drops, pressure drops. We have tide effects and less pressure in the middle between Indonesia and Samoa. Land comes up and two other sides want to sink, Samoa and Indonesia. Increasing pressure on tectonics continents borders. It shows we have to take care about weather pressures and currents as the factors for predicting such events and alerting the populations. Some regions do not have a low pressure right now but they have to take care if they have assembly of planets and low pressure. In the USA we have a gap near the west coast as well that may unbalance some piece of land and force the earth in Sierra.