Planets and inside the earth

Hamid Sadeghipour             


In my last article, I mentioned that there is possibility of an earthquake somewhere during 25 to 28 march. But we had one moderately strong in Iran, on 5th April 2017. It seems to me that accumulation of tidings resulted in these earthquakes. Of course in Iran during 25 to 28 March we had some moderate earthquake in the around noon. As the subductions in eastern part of Iran is from south to north or vice- versa, the slope in the south is toward north and in the north toward south. It means the mountain moved and had a slide from south to north in the south east of Iran. If you look to the pictures of this earthquake and aftershocks, in some of them a seismologue points his finger toward a white line in the seismological zigzag curves of the region. Normally you have some continuous zigzags. Why this white line? Maybe a vacuum space. In the vacuum the waves cannot pass and leave no traces. As tidings separate layers of the earth, to return to their original place they cannot and create some vacuum. This vacuum caused the magma to comes up, but on his way it hurts something hard and creates some impacts and a swarm of earthquakes. Another guess is the magma passed some liquid magma. In thev magma too, the waves cannot pass.  This what I suppose and hope to read some article about explaining this white line or space.