Planets: A reppeated story


Hamid Sadeghipour
Date: 17.02.2017
Everywhere, in the world, we see the earthquakes resulting from slope changing due to the techtonics, uprising the lands or upcoming magma due to the moon, sun and planets. It is an evidence the other factors influence this phenomenon as well. I sent some pictures about what I would like to say now to some friends, but this could alarm many others around the world. The sun will be in the constelallation Aries from the first day of the new solar year, but, for us between 00.5 to 00.9 of 30 degrees for the dates of 25th March to 29th. Why these days? Venus, as well, in the Aries from 5 to 2.5 degrees of 30 degrees. You know each constellation covers 30 degrees in the sky over our head and 12 constellations cover 360 degrees. Mars is in Taurus, near Aries in the sky and and degrees between 10.24 to 12.44. Moon also enters in 26 and 27 in Pisces and in 28 to 29 March in the Aries, and nearly at 20 PM it goes out of the Aries depending on the city you live.Aldebaran, the bright star of the Aries and Mira the bright star of the Cetus are present as well. They might create some tidal effect that change the slope and even force tectonics movements: subduction.
What happened when I wrote last time about the upcoming magma and tidal effects and we had a swarm of. New Zealand earthquakes. On the noon they are almost over our head but nobody knows the mechanism and when or where they are dangerous. I pray and hope that forces interacting counteract each other. In Iran we use astrolabe for predicting the position of planets. In Europe or USA. They use computation and a formula with several unknowns and higher degrees than a linear.