Recent New Zealand, volcanic actions and slow mountains sliding

Hamid Sadeghipour


The new and recent earthquakes of New Zealand are very disappointing and important for seismological aspects. Like Italy, it is a subduction form. But New Zealand is alone in the Pacific and no support from neighbouring lands. The site of New Zealand seismological institute had a report on the subject. The writer or writers referred to the influence of the moon and concluding it is not possible to predict anything on his movements. It is evident the movement of planets and moon make the tidal effects and even influence magma to come up. How it comes up depends the geological structure of the land and the angle between the source and positions of the planets and the moon. Even, some writers have evidence on Neptune and earthquakes in some special dates. Or some sites having historical examples. We cannot eliminate the role but sometimes other planets might counter balance the influence. We should leave a place to anything plausible theoretically. If you suppose a source deeper than 40 km inside the region near Kaikoura, the New Zealander city where the strong earthquake happened, you see the following. The magma comes up due to frictions between Pacific Plate and Australian continental plate. This is what geological sites says. If you see attentively to South Island mountains, you can see a sliding of the mountains to the east. Some part of the mountains slides went to the Ocean in the past and created some sedimentations. You have the weight of these mountain beside of the subduction. Therefore, one reducing factor is to construct whatever you can near Kaikoura and the mountains in the South Island. Second, to cool down the hot region around Kaikoura, even under water. Hydrothermal installations!.  There was a photo of a seal having cold from the water and coming to the rocks to have some sun shining warm. It is important to measure the temperature of water regularly, and if some anomaly, to take care for the oceanic  basin and floor and installing some seismometer or whatever you know and need to predict.

I know I might be wrong, but it could help people to save their life.