coming up magma, cooling down the region and the earthquakes

Hamid Sadeghipour

                                   06 Nov.2016

The recent Zarand earthquakes with some injuries is like the fire in the woods near Khorramabad I mentioned in my article dated   31.07.2016. You can see a part of the mountain had a slide and the soil is without any protection. In the recent earthquakes in Italy, too, It seems to me that the mountain you see in the region are the remanence of a big mountain eruption. First, the magma come up from subduction zone, and then, the mountain surface and is created and later by the  eruption you have the explosed and  the dispersed mountains, one day only a big mountain. T0 cool down the Zarand region or Italian seismic region we must cool down during early summer and not now. If now, the winter might be too cold. To place some sensors deep inside the earth to see and measure the temperature changes is easy and  by doing so, we might avoid disasters!!!

Another event is the planets and sun are located between Libra and Aquarius constellations just before sunset during next days. But some earthquakes occur earlier or later during the day. For the moon, I do not know when it is assembling with them or how many days it takes they stay together. The seismologist will alert you if it is necessary. Just for your information to know why such things happen, if you hear the news of some earthquakes in the days to come.