The recent Italian earthquake and volcanism

Hamid Sadeghipour


There is proverb in Iranian: I prefer to lose my life than my wealth. This is our modern life through international scene and we lose our life and our wealth. After recent Italian earthquake, we see intensification of battles in Syria and Iraq. What both sides ask is the conquering some land and then wealth. Nobody says we have to stop our war and help Italian to construct something to avoid more earthquake around the world. Before the Italian earthquake we had a moderate earthquake in Switzerland. If some flood or draught happens, nobody blame himself but others. There is somehow, some heat in central Europe due to subduction of Africa under Italy and vicinity. We know the movement of Africa toward Europe is from south- west to north- east approximately perpendicular to Italy. Please, take a straight line through Italy from north- west to south- east, draw a tangent to latitude circle passing from Genova. The line perpendicular to Italy and the tangent as two vectors form a lozenge and the result is the line passing through Italy. That is why we see the mountains are under pressure and are plied. Therefore too much faults. On other side of facts you see the ancient volcanoes that by coming up magma made, more and less, the domes. It is clear you have separate parts forming a micro tectonics, Italians should make connections between. Anyhow, there are already many connections as bridges, roads and installations to connect these parts. It might take time, but it is possible. One day the problem is solved and you have to solve the human enigma of wealth.