The usual and unusual, the recent earthquake between Behbahan and Ramhormoz in Iran

Hamid Sadeghipour


The earthquake of today in Iran between Behbahan and Ramhormoz in Khuzestan Province, is a usual earthquake. We have some unusual earthquake like recent Korean earthquake. Almost all earthquake are near a weak point like a fault, on some slope resulting from suductions, or hot spots and volcanoes. What is unusual is sometimes human action, like bombarding somewhere in the world, not caring about the danger they are unaware, while they can reduce impacts. See for example Haiti recent flood and storm. They had several flood and storm or earthquake. There were international help for food and shelter. But nobody help them to construct their homes in safer places. The archeologist says the rivers were the cradle of civilization. But, now, we have to transport water to safer places and leave the river coasts to the nature. I dad a look to the tonight sky. We see Uranus, Ceres, and Eris Are in opposition to in opposition to Jupiter, Mercury and the sun. Jupiter moon aligned against the earth!!!. Read about, please, in Astronomical Journals. I could see the rise and setting of planets in Iranian Journal of Astronomy, but, now there is no table. The recent Iranian earthquake is near petroleum fields. The national geological institute should have the sensors to measure the mountain slopes or height regularly. If we have a movement, we have to construct something on his feet, and have a survey about it. Or to reduce petroleum output there and increase somewhere else for a while. Don’t cry, later, we have lost everything.