How to find a solution to recent Korean earthquake

Hamid Sadeghipour


One of our problems is the power. People having the power, abuse it. By abusing power, they become more powerful and some day they face someone more powerful and they disappear forever.

I heard in the news China has constructed a big dish to find the aliens. In the war front if you have a wireless receiver- transmitter, you might be detected by special radars and be detected, and you know the story. The extraterrestrials might be like Mother Theresa but if they are like crocodiles, God, the merciful, will help us. Or the same for X-Space mission. You go to the Mars, you transfer your technologies and they show themselves. Hope again to see a saint. But the news are not always in this direction. Let me discuss the Korean earthquake, I wrote about, in my last article. The site of “” had two articles, one was about the layer near solar corona, the regularity of matter and gases in the vicinity. Farther this regularity is disturbed and becomes turbulent. We can say the subduction is more regular in Japan nearby than South Korea. Another article is about Van Allen Anomalies. If you compare the place of recent earthquake in South Korea and that of 1700 AD you might suppose an isoline in some factor. The third one is my supposition: the karst effect. This like Bam earthquake. But, in Bam you have much less rain. Anyhow, this might happen more frequently in more rainy regions, and you cannot exclude many regions, but the frequency of the events. For the big cities you have the buildings and less rain penetrates in the soil, but, might cause sinking in the cities, you might avoid by injecting some diluted concrete. But, the danger remains for the area in vicinity of these cities. Where, you have deserts, forests, or agricultural areas. I do not know more and hope to see the published reports on this subject. I found that the difference between 2016 and 1700 AD is 316 years equal to 222 years of 466.666 days of upcoming magma from 700 km deep on the earth mantle. Therefore, it is not something irregular completely, but irregular in some other aspects.