An alarming South Korean Earthquake

Hamid Sadeghipour


The South Korean Earthquake is an alarm for unusual earthquakes. The trend of cosmic rays radiation is going to be more, that means less solar activities. Of course, it might reverse. When we read about this earthquake in the news, we see the earthquake are not frequent in South Korea. The last strong one was in 1700 with the same intensity in 1700 AD. The Pacific Ocean basin goes under the japan as well, but, Under Korea is far enough to remain out of reach. Around 1700 AD, between years 1690 to 1700, the weather was cold and wet, causing creeping between two parts, Pacific Ocean and Korea. This year, too, the northern hemisphere was a little cold according to some agricultural reports. Therefore, we should take care for cold and hot weather causing fire in forest and bushes, earthquakes in unusual places and flood. An international effort might be needed to avoid strong natural disasters.