Recent Italian Earthquake and Damping tools

Hamid Sadeghipour
Please, let me refer to my last article and a mistake about the chain mountain with 120 degree incident angle. The beginning of this chain apparently a desert is “Black Rock Desert”. It has lost his height, maybe, due to winds of Nevada desert. And you have a lot of earthquakes in Nevada.
Let’s follow the Italian Earthquake. Official version is that there are fan movement of Europe and three faults are passing toward Italy, one though the Italy itself, two others in the east and west of the Italy in the sea.
Please, look at the Sicily. It was a part of the southern Italy. As the African tectonics continent move toward the north, the land in Europe goes up. It goes up and breaks up in two parts, every time the land does not support. It is the case of the fault in the east of Amatrice in Italy. But, we have another movement as well, the movement of eastern part of the Atlantic Ridge. The land goes under the Europe and Africa. Even if you look in the natural map of Africa you see the slide of the African continent toward east. As the eastern part of Atlantic basin goes under these continent, it takes the Mediterranean basin toward west. Why as Sicily moved toward the south it moved toward the west. Not only Sicily but western part of Italy is in the movement toward west and enlarging the fault separating east and west near Amatrice.
I mentioned in my articles, especially about east of Turkey and the river separating the two parts, about the tools they can use to control the movement of two parts and to damp the force. Like, for example, two cylinder in the two parts of the river, here some bridges or several tunnels. Even, I mentioned a part of a clock like a horseshoe to be installed in the constructions. Several, parallel to each other to insure the damping. Of course, the other faults in the sea can move for having less stress. You have to install in both seas in two sides of the Italy, the sensors to predict the sea basins movements to avoid tsunamis.
You can construct something for the present situation.