Human Factor and Natural Disasters with some correction regarding last update.

Hamid Sadeghipour
One aspect of Natural Disasters is the human factor. Did you see the movie “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman with severe studies for being graduate? Or Apocalypse from Mel Gibson with a declining society losing the face after some thousands of year. One of the effort should be to raise people correctly. Why a nation like USA with a lot of claim of development is unable to control flood in Louisiana. Sorry to tell you this thing but What When Mr. Trump says he will build a wall between USA and Mexico or will enhance police reaction toward population and is for protecting white people. That is what I understand from the news. With billions of people every day more in danger of losing job and worse economic situation you try to isolate USA. If a American with the Mexican origin hears what is said, he certainly do not want to cooperate. The power is different with policy. Napoleon lost everything after maybe 30 years of power.
I mentioned in one of my article that the flood in the south of USA should be stopped in the northern region. See, please, the natural map of USA. From the east, the Atlantic basin is pushing toward American continent. From the west, American continent is going over the Pacific basin and you might see what is formed: a flat pyramid or a triangle elongated along the east of Louisiana and northern states. It is like two opened parts of a pea. When you cool the earth for preventing the fire you have to compute exactly what you do and even leave something burn. Of course burning makes some smoke and it help the formation of the clouds. It is like to lunch a shuttle toward Mars. You have to divert water in the northern regions. Even to construct some mechanisms. Of course it take money and time. One day when I was learning English in Seattle, I told Mrs. Masha (my teacher, a Young woman) I am learning, slowly, English language. She said slowly but surely.
I heard again about the fire in California. I remember in 1978 I travelled from Seattle to San Francisco. On the way after passing Shasta Mountain, I saw a lot of wheat farm. I know as well there are many gardens in California. You use certainly pesticides and fertilizers, you should control the water mineral content of your underground water. Besides, I see on the map of California the Sierra Nevada chain and in the north of it the Shasta Mountain making an angle of maybe 120 degree. The angle is caused by eruption of volcanoes in the past time. It is under pressure from magma under these inactive volcanoes. It is to study to construct on the eastern part of the Shasta Mountain whatever you think suitable. To construct case by case to see the effects. as correction I mention what follows:

Please, let me refer to this article and a mistake about the chain mountain with 120 degree incident angle. The beginning of this chain apparently a desert is “Black Rock Desert”. It has lost his height, maybe, due to winds of Nevada desert. And you have a lot of earthquakes in Nevada.
In Iran we had the flood in Gonbad Kavoos, Golestan Province, but this city is flat and mountains around it. It is to control the water coming from the mountains, when you are facing a flat city.