California, USA and Khorramabad, IRAN forest fires

Hamid Sadeghipour


Nowadays, the new healings pass by genetic methods. Let me say something on the history of the earth. A big stone or a comet, suppose, on his perihelion come in the contact with the earth. It takes, suppose, please, the primitive Pacific Ocean bed to form the moon. At that time we had a chain of mountains over the equator. The comet approaches the earth from the east, but the chain of mountains due to its hardness remain partly intact (Emperor Seamount chain). Plus Hawaiian ridge before aligned with ESC at that time was without Hawaiian islands. With the time the earth rotates and they become what they are now, north -south direction. As you have tectonics of the plates,  some arrive to the edge of this big hole (Pacific Ocean)like north american continent. Because, the tectonics of the  continents make subductions, The new volcanoes appear and they push everything. Hawaiian ridge goes to east. If you push a nail into a piece of wood you might see a fracture. This is what happens with the faults from west to east like the steps on the Pacific Ocean bed. The volcanoes erupt and as they become cold make the faults. One of them with the cold of south hemisphere and Central American volcanoes eruptions makes extention to Atlantic vOcean as a fault. Of course, do not forget volcanoes along the west coast, like Saint- Helene. Let me take you to another place in the world. Indian sub- continent, Saudi Arabia tectonics plate and Iran. We had the fire in acorn forests near Khorramabad, Iran. Again, the push of Indian sub- continent toward Asia, displace the mountains. As the Saudi Arabia has stronger force in the west toward Iran, the mountains has the tendency to slide from north- west toward south- east. In Khorramabad you see a profile of the mountain, and  the rest of the mountain had a slide toward  the south- east. What happens? The soil is  a nude soil of a “under a mountain”. Without the cover. The heat can come up easier. The same thing is when we see the fire in Los Angeles, not in the direction of west-east but north east- south west. A nude soil. I was not in these places, but I tried to say what happens. Maybe to dig to cool if you have fire in the city, or a big forest. Or go deeper, please, to cool down an area. All is the cost and the will.