Time and future, continuation of last article and Los Angeles fire

Hamid Sadeghipour
As I read the news on the fire in California, Los Angeles, I have to mention something in such kind of fire, Los Angeles is at the continuation of one big fault from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles. The fault divide the continent. From there, we have the shift of the southern part toward east. Us geologues know better. Therefore, we have two movements in this region. One is Pacific Ocean going under the American Continent. The other the contact between North and Southern parts. The two parts are on contact and southern part tries to go to the East, maybe because of pressure of South America and southern hemisphere now in winter time. We know under this fault in American continent, there should be water and this water is along the fault under it. If you dig the wells and try to use hydrothermal energy in convenient point to cool water and the region, or even to cool this water by cooling chillers near the coast and specially in vicinity of the Ocean. Just a proposal and you have to complete or correct it.
Another point is regarding my last article. Many people, certainly, say the earth sees the day in 8 minutes. The small particles arrive to the earth. You see the light by very small particles if we do not say sub- particles. It warms up later by the bigger particles coming from sun activity but with less velocity than light.