The periodicity of the draught

Hamid Sadeghipour


In my last article I didn’t find enough reason to mention the evidence for the periodicity of the draught. 2016- 1929= 87 years. The recent forest fire in the Pasargadae in Fars province, I tried to see more on the history of the draught in Fars. I did a search on draught in Fars and I found an article written by Mrs. Jahandideh and Mr. Shirvani published   by Iran Water Research Journal 1390. In the SPI index statistical graphic with +2 good season and rain and -2 sever draught we see every 14.41 years approximately we dry years and medium situation and rainy years. 6 times 14.41= 86.46 years. I would like to take it as it is for 14.41/11=1.31.           We see the influence of sun activity. Therefore, we can have a possibility of the phenomena. 1.31 can be the result of a complex relation. Suppose, please, the solar system as a centimeter on a scale of the galaxy or nearby galaxies as a mountain. A mountain certainly influence this centimeter of soil, if we take care of long-term tectonic movement of the mountain. Please, suppose. I was several times in Fars Province. Every time I had a flight from Shiraz I could see the flame of the Petroleum or gas burning flame from the sky. We can, therefore, increase or decrease the petroleum or gas exploitation. We can dig the wells in these region deeper and cool it too. We have certainly very good engineer in the engineering field and they can handle easily the case and we are to be careful in the petroleum and gas exploitation. The recent flood and weak earthquake in France and seeing more earthquakes in South West Iran shows the push toward the north of African tectonics continent. With more petroleum exploitation from Saudi Arabia and Golf states the tectonics Saudi Arabia sink more and goes under Iranian plate. Maybe now they are safe, but nobody knows what the long-term consequences for these countries are. It is to study carefully the problem.